Show review: Chanel Métiers d'Art Paris-Rome 2016

Lights, camera, action

Show review: Chanel Métiers d'Art Paris-Rome 2016
Our top 10 favourite looks from the Chanel Métiers d'Art collection held in Rome

The location: The place in Italy for production, film studio Cinecittà that birthed Wes Anderson's The Aquatic Life and Martin Scorcese's Gangs of New York was Karl Lagerfeld's showground for Métiers d'Art. The designer-cum-director held his runway show right after the premiere of his short film Once and Forever, starring Kristen Stewart.

The set design: Charming Parisian sidewalks captured in greyscale. Made realistic by café tables and even an entrance to the Metro, models exited the "train station" and onto the runway. We know what you're thinking: Does one really take the train decked in Chanel? 

The collection: Which brings us to the clothes. Chanel and rebel — two words that are rarely strung together in one sentence. The audacious character that Gabrielle Chanel really was often slips our mind. Bringing Coco's persona off the silver screen and onto the runway, laced fishnets and ribbed sheer tops accompanied classic tweed and pearls. Patent leather, quilted leather and chevron leather; for once, the grunge chick will find second skin in the clothes from Chanel. 

Click on the slideshow for our pick of the top 10 looks. Full collection below. 

Favourite look: Pulling more surprises out of his hat, the classic tweed suit Lagerfeld designed for the gents that walked the runway had a second hem, forming a man-skirt the one and only Yeezy himself would wear; except he'd call it a kilt.

Something you might have missed: Next season's It-bag. Of course, the old school film camera would inspire the Kaiser's latest accessories. Why would anyone want a bag in the shape of a camera, you say? Well, because it's Chanel. And also, because the straps so aptly resemble old school film strips. Need.

Text: Andrea Sim

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