Best show from MFW FW17 Day 6: Giorgio Armani

Best show from MFW FW17 Day 6: Giorgio Armani

Audio reviews

Text: Norman Tan

Editor-in-chief Norman Tan wraps up Milan fashion week with his thoughts on the Giorgio Armani show

Milan fashion week closes with the master, Giorgio Armani. What can we expect from the industry icon? A continuation of his soft-shoulder tailoring? Or the introduction of new design propositions? Find out in Norman Tan's last audio review for Milano before he packs his bag and heads to Paris.

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GIORGIO ARMANI: Chromatic Expressions
Designer: Giorgio Armani
Synopsis: Guys, can we please talk about those fascinating trouser-skirt hybrids? You think that Mr Armani has done it all — and after a while, you expect to see the same garments on the runway as a show attendee — but I was really drawn to this trouser-skirt that was a full length pleated black skirt in the front (think: demure and elegant) but then revealed a fitted trouser in ruby red at the back when the model walked passed (rather sexy as it highlighted the curves of the rear). Very clever. Mr Armani also played with pleating on the neck of blouses and as a 'frill neck' (yes, like a frill-neck lizard) on leather gloves. Thrown into the mix were colour-blocked coats in amethyst purple and red, as well as some interesting tribal-inspired pieces like a bolero jacket constructed out of multi-coloured beading with tassels at the hem. But it was the closing chrome creation that drew an applause; a gorgeous gown glistening in the light with an explicit 1920s retro feel. Bellissimo!

It's ciao Milano and bonjour Paris! Stay tuned as Norman Tan continues his on-the-go live reporting of the best shows from the women's fall/winter 2017 season, but this time, from the City of Lights.

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