Highlights from LFWM FW18: Looney Tunes, tents and Chinese folklore find their stage on the runway

London Fashion Week Men's

Text: Andrea Sim

All the key moments and designers to know

There seems to be three compelling breeds of menswear designers showing in London at the moment.

You have the utilitarian — the one who believes in garments being equal parts perfomance and equal parts "fashion". There is the showman, who is so adept at dramatic story-telling they rival Comme des Garçons' sculptures and the beautiful mess that is Vivienne Westwood. Then there are the new school tailors — designers who challenge the traditional blueprint of suits with every nipped, tucked or enlarged variation they send out on the runway.

Yet, London Fashion Week Men's (LFWM) has earned a reputation in the industry for its lack of buzz in recent times. Some might even call it "boring" in comparison to the rah-rahs of Milan and Paris — the circuit of the fashion kingpins. However, the beauty of LFWM is precisely the fact that it's become the playground of the younger generation; designers with (nearly) clean slates — perhaps a year or three into finding their voices — who rule not the tides of fashion today, but those of tomorrow. They represent the very precipitation of evolution in the subject we love. 

In the gallery above, LFWM’s latest season in a nutshell by way of such need-to-know names leading the charge, with a side of 'wait-what-was-he-wearing' street style moments, celebrity front row sightings and runway theatrics thrown in for the sake of posterity slash voyeuristic pleasure. 


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