The meaning behind Buro's FW17 fashion shoot, Make It Rain

Want, need, must have

Text: Buro. Singapore

The making of Buro Singapore's latest fashion editorial

There is a grey area between style, hype and pure ballin' these days. Is farming attention on social media by stunting the latest key releases our modern epitome of style? Is it even legit if it's not uploaded onto Instagram, as what is style if it's not documented for all to witness?

Once the new collections go from runway to retail, it kindles a rat race: The jostle to own a product, snap a photo wearing it, be the first to post it, and then ditch it for the next big thing. Inspired by this pressing compulsion to make it rain in the digital day, Buro's fall/winter 2017 fashion spread evokes longing and waiting; emotions to come of the perennial desire for what we have yet to own. The making of, above. 

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