#WomanCrushWednesday: Ruth Bell

#WomanCrushWednesday: Ruth Bell

All that buzz

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Getty Images

Five things you might not know about Ruth Bell, that model everyone's talking about

Till now, we all thought the only person who could really pull off a buzz cut was Sinead O'Connor. Sure, there have been others who came close to embodying her effortless cool girl persona — Jessie J, Natalie Portman and Miley Cyrus — but nothing compares "2" O'Connor, does it?

Until we met Ruth Bell. While she's been on the modelling circuit since 2013, the Brit only recently stormed into the scene after a haircut transformed her career overnight. Here are five things you might not know about the model of the moment:

1. She has a twin sister.
Not only did the 19-year-old share a womb with her sister May, they share an Instagram account as well. Although they've both recently created personal ones — aptly named, "ruthnotmay" and "maynotruth" — they both started out with a shared account documenting their journey. Yes, May's also a model — they were discovered together in a shopping centre in Essex. While Ruth is considered to be the more popular one now, it was in fact May who won the Elite Model Look UK competition in 2013.

Instagram | @ruthandmay

2. Some people call her the next Kate Moss.
...because why wouldn't she be? With her elfin-like facial features and height (she stands at 1.75 metres, just 5cm above Moss), Bell is primed to take over the veteran model's reign as the waifish, English rose. Someone put her in a Calvin Klein campaign, stat!


3. Alexander McQueen was responsible for that buzz cut.
For Alexander McQueen's Fall 2015 campaign by David Sims, the doe-eyed beauty sported a cut specially done for the campaign. According to a recent interview, she was only warned of the shave two days prior to the shoot. She wouldn't have worried much — they left her in the very good hands of hairstylist Paul Hanson, a fashion favourite who's styled looks for Prabal Gurung as well as Justin Bieber in his “My Calvins” campaign. Bell's locks have since moved on to a good cause: Princess Trust Charity, an organisation making wigs for children undergoing chemotherapy.

Instagram | ruthnotmay

4. She made her international fashion week debut in Milan.
Bell made her runway mark this year at Gucci, before walking the likes of Versace, Etro and Blumarine. This week, she's been taking Paris by storm at Lanvin, Isabel Marant, Acne Studios and Saint Laurent.

Ruth Bell in Gucci

5. She's a tomboy at heart.
You'll never find her willingly put on a dress or skirt, unless it's for a job. The self-proclaimed tomboy is a total opposite of her girly sister's style, favouring jeans and tees. Despite being twins, their mother hardly dressed them alike when they were growing up. 

Instagram | ruthandmay

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