Red hot runway: 9 spring/summer 2017 looks to inspire you this Chinese New Year

Red hot runway: 9 spring/summer 2017 looks to inspire you this Chinese New Year

Code red

Text: Andrea Sim

Image: iMaxtree

Because your National Day T-shirt shouldn't double up as a New Year get-up

Nobody likes to be told what to wear, and that's why the joy of sartorial freedom after being done and dusted with the school years follows closely behind monetary independence. But once every year on our side of the world, auspicious dress codes take precedence — jolting the parentals to pitch in opinions left, right and centre. Show zero interest and they might even end up making the call for you as advised by the neighbourhood feng shui expert. 

So to dodge all possible style disasters including recycling that National Day T-shirt, scroll down, get inspired, and make the necessary arrangements. 

Christian Dior SS17

Meant for: The rebellious kidult who would totally be a band groupie if not for pragmatic decisions.
Ace it with: A biker jacket to keep the street cred intact, but make sure that it's a scarlet that'll up your prosperity quotient. 

Givenchy SS17

Meant for: The crowd pleaser or aunty killer. 
Ace it with: Sleek stilettos to streamline the look. Modest but not frumpy, it's the perfect balance between looking stylish and eliciting compliments from the extended family. 

Miu Miu SS17

Meant for: The daredevil whose main concern is counter-balancing the Lunar period's intense, dry heat. 
Ace it with: Cheeky shorts and a (slightly) belly-baring top. While it's layered with an 'apron' on the Miu Miu runway, simply tie a button-down around your waist for modesty's sake. 

Balenciaga SS17

Meant for: The streetwear obsessed, natch. 
Ace it with: A gigantic hoodie-dress. Jeans, optional, but thick skin to deflect the snide comments is an absolute requirement. 

Off-White SS17

Meant for: The power lady who's dealing with markets that don't celebrate the occasion.
Ace it with: An auspicious — yet professional — pantsuit for moments you need to hop on a video call. To prove that you're not just a workaholic, opt for streetwise trackpants that say 'chillax'. 

Erdem SS17

Meant for: The drama queen, one who's not-so-secretly hoping to put all other outfits to shame. 
Ace it with: Tiered layers of lace that swish with every step that you take — cueing your arrival with ample sound effect. 

Isabel Marant SS17

Meant for: The life of the party with 30 places to hit. Including, non-PG after dark festivities to take the edge off the small talk. 
Ace it with: Shimmer, spunk and shine. Dress code: Cherry Bomb

Sportmax SS17

Meant for: The one who's self-conscious about letting herself go in 2016. 
Ace it with: A jumpsuit prized for its forgiving quality. No seriously, when it comes to weight and marriage, even the sweetest of aunties can turn into merciless nitpickers. Lose the belt if you forsee a food baby. 

Gucci SS17

Meant for: The Getai lover. 
Ace it with: Enough beadings and embroidery to put a burlesque troupe to shame. It's the year of the Rooster, you say? Then compliment the roaring tiger with rooster kicks from Gucci.