Waterproof clothing to don on: Fashion in the midst of rainy season

Waterproof clothing to don on: Fashion in the midst of rainy season

Rainy but make it fashion

Text: Heather Gwyther

A shopping feature about what to wear when it rains? In July? Is this a joke? Well no, actually. A shopping feature about 'festival fashion' in these 'unprecedented times' would be a joke, but this is (somewhat) serious. Singapore is somehow going through an odd wave during this time of the year, of thunderstorms and daily showers. While the dip in temperatures are a silver lining, scorching heat can ensue right after the downpour. Basically, anything can happen in a day. That's just nature for you — and life.

Some of us really like rain in spite of its plan-cancelling prowess. It's good for our plants; it smells nice; and, best of all, it makes us feel like the protagonist of a morose music video. But being caught in the rain is a definitive shortcut to dishevelment, therefore it's annoying. So what's the solution? An umbrella and a coat that is at least water-resistant (by Bottega Veneta, if you're lucky) are the obvious things. A waterproof phone case attached to a lanyard? Not so obvious, although since seeing one, we kind of get it. For anyone who finds comfort in cuteness, there are also rain hats and rain boots — an acquired taste, but a taste nonetheless.

Shop the waterproof essentials below:

This story was first published on Buro. London.