Our favourite Victoria's Secret lingerie for three different personalities

Our favourite Victoria's Secret lingerie for three different personalities

Guilt-free pleasures

Text: Andrea Sim

As Victoria's Secret unveils its two-storey duplex at Mandarin Gallery, give yourself a little holiday treat with these sexy lingerie sets

Mention the words 'Victoria's Secret' and the lithe, long-limbed Angels that front the brand spring to mind; clad in the lingerie maven's exquisite creations and showpieces tailored to embrace every curve. Bouncing to the beat of music's latest hits and galvanising with an electric energy, its fashion shows are always an unabashed and rambunctious celebration of the female form. 

Underneath that glossy veneer, there lies a message to women the world over that underwear should be enjoyed beyond the basic functionality it provides. Just like how clothes are a form of stylistic expression, underwear too, should be an extension of your personality — even if it's just dressing for your own personal satisfaction. 

For when you need a little pick-me-up, or when you want to 'Netflix and chill' (get our drift?), we've picked out two sets of lingerie each for three different personalities — perfect for igniting the femme fatale within.


You're attracted to: The empire waistlines that dominated the garments of the era. If your style could be summed up in just two words? 'Sensous' and 'sweetheart' define your closet.

Go for the:
Tartan high-waisted bustier set recalling the playful swimsuits of the '50s. For something coy yet unapologetically sexy, up the ante after dark with a lacey number complete with stocking garters.

Your silver screen soulmate:
Without a doubt, Marilyn Monroe — the bombshell with a bodacious charm and alluring gait.


You're attracted to: The timeless and seductive qualites of jet-black lace, because nothing trumps the feeling of being able to take on the world. 

Go for the:
Classic underwire bra and panty set bordered with delicate scalloping. Or slip into a soft satin cami at night, but not without the cheeky lace panels to show off some skin.
Your silver screen soulmate: Monica Bellucci, whose bewitching elegance is off the charts.


You're attracted to: Elaborate, statement pieces to steal the show. It's a toss up between a shot of vibrant colour or an arresting print.

Go for the: Ruby red number that's almost too hot to handle, but balance it out with a slinky one-piece to lounge in come the evening. 

Your silver screen soulmate:
None other than Scarlett Johansson, known for her head-turning magnetism. 

The Victoria's Secret boutique is located at #01-01, Mandarin Gallery.