Underwear brands that are comfortable enough to relax in: Sloggi, Moons & Junes, Les Girls Les Boys, and more

Underwear brands that are comfortable enough to relax in: Sloggi, Moons & Junes, Les Girls Les Boys, and more

Comfort is key

Text: Heather Gwyther

As literally and figuratively uplifting as underwired bras can be, there's a reason women savour the moment at which they can be removed. Forgoing bras entirely, however, seems a bit louche. If you want underwear that's a relief in itself, we recommend the following brands — you won't have to choose comfort over style in this case.


Sloanie intend to make premium underwear an everyday occurrence. Its founders "didn't want to make the next soggy paper straw" in an effort towards sustainability that would compromise on quality, instead choosing to use fibres from an industry-leading sustainable fibre manufacturer in a bid to make the brand as ethical as possible.


A collection of multifunctional pieces that can be used as underwear, swimwear and activewear in a range of sizes? Look no further than PRISM² which, like the PRISM mainline, prizes minimalism and comfort above all else.


Sloggi has been providing the world with comfortable underwear since 1979. But with recent ranges offering their lightest bra ever (the OXYGENE) and underwear in a single adaptive size (GO ALLROUND), it's as innovative as it is established.


No brand makes basics as exciting as Baserange. In the most lackadaisical way possible, this is underwear for flaunting.

Moons & Junes

Unlike traditional underwear, Moons & Junes is designed to adapt to your body — not the other way round. Its devotion to diversity is not just limited to who it caters for however, the models featured across its social channels and campaigns are varied in terms of age, race and size (just as they should be).


The Heist mission is to "liberate women from disappointing underwear". Only launched recently, The Bralette promises to comfortably lift, shape and support without an underwire in sight.

Les Girls Les Boys

Serena Rees founded Agent Provocateur to encourage people to own their sexuality. Her latest brand, les girls les boys, reworks this message for a contemporary audience. From the fact that 80% of its fabrics are bespoke to the fluidity of the brand as a whole, les girls les boys has comfort at its core.

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