Tory Burch SS19: 5 family traditions that inspired the designer's vacation-ready collection

Tory Burch SS19: 5 family traditions that inspired the designer's vacation-ready collection

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Text: Ryan Sng

Editor: Jolene Khor

The Parthenon, the Sydney Opera House and the Great Wall of China are some of the most photographed sites on earth; why, then, do people keep taking pictures of them? For that matter, why do people still collect mountains of Eiffel Tower merchandise, or 'I went to x destination and all I got was this lousy T-shirt' tees? We do it because these souvenirs are beyond a documentation of the places we’ve been; they are charged with memories of the day we experienced them, and the loved ones we were with.

Tory Burch’s spring/summer 2019 collection riffed on the Mediterranean and North African vacations that the designer and her parents, Buddy and Reva Robinson, used to take (in fact, a Shanghai pop-up from the brand that opened last week is dedicated to precisely these childhood voyages). A sense of adventure permeates the season’s clothing and accessories, with some very personal touches elevating them from playful to moving.

Assembled below is a compilation of the family traditions that give Burch’s sunny designs their sweetly nostalgic twist.

1. The collection's prints and shirting were influenced by Burch's parents' summer wardrobe.
Buddy's tailor-made striped shirts and sailing clothes informed the collection's nautical touches, while Reva's collection of tropical-printed dresses and scarves were translated into cotton prints and needlepoint tapestry.

2. A beaded and tasselled bracelet was inspired by a very special piece of her father's.
Burch's father owned a similar style which he would always fiddle with during pensive moods.

3. The collection's lace-trimmed pieces feature extracts of love notes Buddy wrote to Reva.
One quote affectionately describes how Reva would gamely keep designated driver Buddy awake over long stretches of driving: "Backseat Angel, you keep us awake playing oldies into the late." 

4. A Robins Way-printed canvas tote bag name-drops a favourite vacation spot.
It's not surprising that Burch wishes always to remember this little slice of paradise in East Hampton, dotted with summer homes and private beaches.

5. The collection's coin jewellery and embellishments reference Reva's penchant for collecting foreign currency.
Money makes the world go around, after all.

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