Get schooled: Top 10 fall/winter 2015 fashion campaigns

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Get schooled: Top 10 fall/winter 2015 fashion campaigns
From Marc Jacobs's all-star cast of characters to Givenchy's surprising choice of campaign star, we've rounded up the most stellar fashion campaigns for fall/winter 2015

As we draw nearer to Fall, fashion brands are pushing out their advertising campaigns to school us in style for the cooler months ahead. This year's crop of campaigns share several key elements: Strong female protagonists (Marni, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Moschino), unabashed glamour (Valentino, Balmain, Balenciaga) or a dreamy nostalgia in pretty palettes (Gucci, Miu Miu). To do justice to their pure imaginative qualities, we round-up the best in show this season and give them yearbook titles that are oh-so-appropriate. You can trust us, we don't play favourites.

1. Most likely to inspire wanderlust: Louis Vuitton
Taking the theme of travel as its core message, Nicolas Ghesquière tasked photographers Bruce Weber and Juergen Teller to capture the essence of the '70s-inflected fall/winter 2015 collection for Louis Vuitton's campaign. The result is nothing short of breathtaking.

Louis Vuitton Fall/winter 2015

2. Most likely to inspire #girlsquad goals: Balmain
Ever since Taylor Swift inducted us into the ways of the girl squad with her Bad Blood music video, we've been on the lookout for another that could inspire the same sense of awe and aspiration. Balmain does just that with its epic Fall 2015 campaign, which features a trio of fashion's coolest siblings of the moment: Gigi and Bella Hadid, Joan and Erika Smalls, and, of course, Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Balmain fall/winter 2015 campaign

3. Most likely to bring back memories of the '90s: Marc Jacobs
When Marc Jacobs releases any of his campaigns, the fashion world sits up and takes notes. Assembling an all-star cast this season (a small sampling of famous faces include Christy Turlington, Winona Ryder and Cher), Jacobs once again proves that he's still got that ability to make us yearn for his vision of '90s-injected glamour.

Marc Jacobs fall/winter 2015 campaign

4. Most likely to make your jaw drop: Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci
In an unprecedented move, Riccardo Tisci made an iconic designer of another label the face of his fall/winter 2015 campaign — Donatella Versace. Instagrammers practically went bonkers trying to wrap their heads around the fact that the platinum-maned Versace would be fronting the Givenchy camapign, and, we have to admit that we were a tad shell-shocked by the news as well. Well played, Tisci.

Givenchy fall/winter 2015 campaign

5. Most likely to make you pile on the bling: Moschino
Jeremy Scott's inseparablity from his friend/muse Katy Perry has been well-documented by photographers who trail the star duo around, but this is the first time that Scott has tapped on Perry in a campaign for Moschino. With her larger-than-life personality and OTT fashion choices, we'd say this is a perfect fit — and now we're seriously considering if oversized medallion necklaces are back in vogue.

Moschino fall/winter 2015 Katy Perry

6. Most likely to go on a flight of fancy: Valentino
Fresh off a vibrant, colour-filled spring/summer campaign, Valentino takes a darker turn this season. There are still the romantic undertones present in every Valentino collection, but it's a more mysterious take on Fall than their usual rainbow bright images. That being said, the brilliant feathered creations just make us want to spread our (imaginary) wings and feel the wind beneath them. 

Valentino fall/winter 2015

7. Most likely to take to the streets of '60s London: Miu Miu
Oh, Miuccia. Only you could make our hearts beat faster with your signature mix of ugly-pretty in your collections. For Fall 2015, our hearts are beating that much faster as we consider the elegance of Miu Miu's '60s street style stars. Basically, we want to inhabit that Valencia-filtered world your campaign stars are living in too.

Miu Miu fall/winter 2015

8. Most likely to engage in acro-yoga: Balenciaga
Kate Moss and Lara Stone are taking our breaths away in the fresh Balenciaga campaign — in more ways than one. Their long, lithe bodies and super toned arms are giving us serious #fitspiration and makes us want to sign up for acro-yoga class when Fall rolls around. Winter hibernation body be damned.  

Balenciaga fall/winter 2015

9. Most likely to hide from the paparazzi: Gucci
One of the key takeaways from Gucci's fall/winter 2015 campaign is how to dodge the paparazzi in style. How you ask? By distracting them with your retro glamour and all-over blooms, of course. Blend in by sticking out — own that phrase and you'll fit right in.

Gucci fall/winter 2015

10. Most likely to be a modern art installation: Marni
Departing from the campaign styles of yore, Marni surprises us this season with a series of strong images photographed by Anglo-American artist Jackie Nickerson. "What we wanted was to create beautiful yet strong images that stand alone," said Consuelo Castiglioni, Marni's creative director. "Each one having an impact of its own without the others..." With its almost sculptural quality, we couldn't agree more with Castiglioni — someone get this to the Museum of Modern Art, stat.

Marni fall/winter 2015

Text: Pakkee Tan

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