The 10 best gifts to buy her this Mother's Day

The 10 best gifts to buy her this Mother's Day

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Text: Norman Tan

The Buro gift guide to charm her senseless

Whether you're buying for mother dearest, mother-in-law, or the bearer of your children, make sure you impress this Mother's Day with a thoughtful gift that says, "Hey mum, you know what, even though you bought me a colouring book instead of a puppy for my 10th birthday, I still love you." Okay, so maybe this line of thought only works for your own mother. But hey, you get my point. And, seriously, could you really look after a dog at ten?

For those who are quietly wondering, Mother's Day is this Sunday 8 May. Already? IKR. So, if you haven't already started making plans — or reservations at her favourite restaurant — get moving. Stat. 

Check out our carefully curated gift guide below for fail-proof ideas. And, as always, available for purchase online with the simple click of the description or image below.

P.S. If you're a mother and like what you see here, share it on Facebook and not-so-discreetly tag your progeny. That's right, it's the 21st century and you have to look after yourself.

1. Octaphilosophy The Eight Elements of Restaurant André by André Chiang

First, make sure you treat her to the culinary journey that is Restaurant André. Then, and only then, present her with this beautiful tome as a souvenir of the occassion. To gift the book without the experience? Prepare yourself for a lifetime of passive-aggressive comments — "Oh, I love this book. If only I was able to actually taste the food instead of just reading about it" — so on and so forth.
Octaphilosophy The Eight Elements of Restaurant André by André Chiang

2. Cire Trudon Vaporisateur

If she owns candles hand-poured by the masters at Cire Trudon, then she is a woman of fine taste indeed. Supplement her collection with this vaporisateur for a spritz of old-world sophistication. Pro tip: Also covers up that synthetic moth ball stench. What is it with Asian mothers and moth balls? 


3. La Perla striped silk-satin pajama set

She spends half her life in bed. Might as well make it a luxurious experience with these silk-satin PJs that guarantee a good night's sleep. Morning blues be gone. 

LA PERLA Striped silk-satin pajama set

4. S'uvimol Mail To Me bag in mustard crocodile 

This is the real deal. Decadent crocodile skins lovingly crafted into a fuss-free and functional handbag from Thai local label, S'uvimol, that won't break the bank. #Wishlist #Want #Win

5. Roger Vivier silk satin espadrille

The French elegance and heritage of Roger Vivier combined with the laid-back ease of a rope-soled espadrille. For chic mothers who understand that quality and carefree style don't have to be strange bedfellows. 

Roger Vivier silk satin espadrille

6. Tokyo Bike Bisous bicycle

For the eco-conscious, hipster mother. With these hot wheels, they'll see her rollin', and they may be hatin', tryin' to catch her ridin' dirty... but it'll be worth it. If only for you to sing that song.

Tokyobike-Bisous bicycle

7. Tiffany & Co. Paloma Picasso Olive Leaf band ring in 18K gold

Because who doesn't love some Tiffany bling. This bad boy is as sophisticated as it is chic. In our opinion, perfect for scoring brownie points with the monster, I mean, mother-in-law.
Tiffany & Co Paloma Picasso Olive Leaf band ring in 18k gold

8. Fornasetti Ortensia rose, iris and orange blossom scented candle

Just think about the positive sense association: This smells so sweet and comforting, therefore my child must be sweet and comforting. I've raised my child well. I'm a good mother. Thank God.
FORNASETTI Ortensia Rose, Iris and Orange Blossom scented candle

9. Chanel tweed and grained calfskin trolley luggage

Travelling in style is synonymous with living la dolce vita. Ideal for the jet-setting mum who travels so much that she might not even realise that her Chanel trolley is being used by her equally classy and jet-setting daughter. Get my drift?
Chanel tweed and calfskin trolley luggage

10. Hermès Maîtres de la Forêt silk twill scarf

As a general gift guide heuristic: When in doubt, buy Hermès. There's something about an orange box that triggers all the right chemical reactions. This sumptuous silk twill scarf will find its way handsomely around her neck, tied around her head (à la Grace Kelly), or festooned to her bag.
Hermès Maîtres de la Forêt silk twill scarf