The key to acing your slip-on game is...

The key to acing your slip-on game is...

Make it personal

Text: Andrea Sim

Introducing Tod's My Gommino, where personalisation is the rule — not the exception

We've pondered, craved, and rationalised such a lofty idyll in many aspects of our lives: Is it really possible to have it all? In life, in love, in fashion. The dream job is in the bag, but it's located 10,000 miles away from loved ones; we meet our real life hero slash heroine, then see them with their hands in the cookie jar; the fabulous all-occasion shoe marked down, only it's stocked in every size except yours.

When it comes to having your cake and eating it too, mere mortals count on luck, happenstance and the grace of a leprechaun. But when life — or in this case, style — offers you the chance to dictate your fate, you grab it, no questions asked. Hence, our next pair of Tod's Gommino driving shoes is not one we'll simply pluck off a boutique's wall, but dictate and personalise to suit our every need, want and whim; down to the choice of leather, type of buckle, and hue of its pebbles, lining and stitching.

Here's what we mean:

Like figuring out your own recipe for a melt-in-the-mouth cheesecake or building your own PC just to slay in Overwatch while running Netflix, the beauty of customisation lies in the pleasure of utter control. For starters, the golden opportunity to one up your style icons. (We admit, it's on the bucket list). 

Lovers and supporters of Tod's iconic Gomminos include A-listers from both sides of the Atlantic. Anne Hathaway's jaunty hue the cherry on top of her Sunday brunch get-up? Fantastic, but kick it up a notch with standout double T buckles. Jourdan Dunn's daring neutral that anchors her trending outfit? Ramp up the fun by introducing punchier stitching. And for Kate Bosworth's eye-catching metallic elevating her errand ensemble? Inject irreverance by embossing on its side the initials of your two furry kids. 

In your hands, Tod's My Gommino gives you the license to transform the unassuming into any singular shoe worth coveting. Is it really possible to have it all at any one time? Welcome to the club, we say.

Experience the My Gommino customisation service at Tod's boutiques.