The Vampire's Wife, the label not for everyone

The Vampire's Wife, the label not for everyone

Love it or hate it

Text: Andrea Sim

Susie Cave's clothing line is what it means to commit to singularity in the polyamorous world of fashion

With 'cult label' serving as an umbrella term for young brands on the cusp of mainstream success, it's easy to see why purists can't take it seriously. It is too not a term to slap upon any and every streetwear label. However, we're declaring The Vampire's Wife as such.

Behind the brand is ex-model and wife to the multi-faceted musician Nick Cave, Susie Cave (left, above). Her garments are stocked on MATCHESFASHION.COM, and fronted by Alexa Chung, Florence Welch, Cate Blanchett and Ruth Negga on red carpets. In theory, there is little reason why the digitally savvy, fashion hungry individual shouldn't already know about Cave's 19th century-esque frocks, but it's this distinctive — peculiar, if you will — sensibility that filters fleeting attention.

It began when Cave took to making her own clothing for public events and special occasions she'd accompany her husband to. Her friends glommed onto it, leading her down a path that would see the official birth and christening of the line as The Vampire's Wife in 2014 — its name originally the title of an unpublished book by Nick.

There is no debate whether Cave is a model-turned-designer, or music royalty by association, dabbling in fashion. Her garments are purely one woman's idea of beauty and an extension of her personality, forgoing the notion of pandering to a wider audience or weaving the trendy into its stable. Its allure precisely the fact that it is not for everyone, and never will be.  

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