The top 5 Instagram fashion meme accounts you must follow

The top 5 Instagram fashion meme accounts you must follow

Pucci, Trendi, Conversace

Text: Karelle Ng

Editor: Cheryl Chan

Image: Instagram | @siduations

Here's an admission of guilt: I never knew what the actual definition of a "meme" is.

If you're like me no shame, no questions asked. We're not here to judge. But here's what it actually means. "Coming from the Greek word mimema which means "something imitated", it is usually a pop culture reference, situations people often find themselves in, or can even be formed from some social interaction."

So now that we've got that pesky definition out of the way (by the way you're welcome to borrow this explanation if you want to flex), let's jump straight in to uncovering some of my favourite Instagram accounts with funny, relatable, or just outrageous fashion-related memes.


Run by Senior Art Director Freddie Smithson, you'll find popular cultural figures and celebrity icons photoshopped in hilarious and mudane situations. Think Queen Elizabeth at the Met Gala (in Rihanna's egg yolk Met Gala gown no less) or Donald Trump in a sexy Playboy bunny costume. Smithson loves a good play with words as well. If you browse through the memes enough, you'll find that you can add "quarantine" to almost any word. Also, isn't this how you're actually suppose to pronounce "Louis Vuitton"?


Another player from the industry, this account I love. Starring Miss Piggy from The Muppet Show, you kind of get the joy of watching cartoon as a kid packaged with extreme impressions of the life of a fashion PR. She's super sassy and relatable (can our fashion PR work friends get an amen up in here?) which is what makes this account so beloved by many in the industry. And of course, her partner Kermit the Frog makes a few silly appearances too.


This account is straightforward because not everyone is a fashion expert. It features interesting (and by interesting, I really mean weird) people from all walks of life, influencer or not, and claims "We're all influencers, whether we like it or not". A lot of posts are dedicated to the laughable scenes that go behind Instagram photoshoots – though I can't say that the photos turned out well. So the next time you bug your partner to take 1,000 photos of you by the beach to post on Instagram, just remember, Big Brother, err, we mean @influencersinthewild.


Here, we have a whole range of almost editorial memes combined with captions relatable to our everyday lives, putting celebrities together with the mundane. Turns out it works pretty well.


'90s, yes! Young Leonardo DiCaprio and Eminem look like a handful, a rare 1995 behind the scenes capture of Clueless, and Jeffrey Star's high school yearbook picture! Your adolescent years might embarrass you, but they're simply left in the past. For these celebrities, they aren't. Great content though. Yay us.