The Singaporean fashion labels that deserve some love

The Singaporean fashion labels that deserve some love

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Text: Karelle Ng

Image: Instagram

Just as we were prepping ourselves for our post-pandemic merry or humdrum both better than being cooped up at home the news of the three-phase reopening approach hit us right between the eyes. We were so close to experiencing the outside again.

COVID-19 has impacted the global economy in implausible ways, continuing its path of financial destruction and retarding growth. With major event cancellations and store closures, you can view the full impact on fashion in our #ICYMI column. As retail has been one of the sectors hit the most badly, we thought we could give a shoutout to some of the local designer labels that could really use your support to tide through these few months. And in return, some of these brands are donating some of their profits to help other needy members of the community too. Doubly good causes! It's a win-win situation!

Dear Samfu

Inspired by her thrifty grandmother who has worn the same few samfu sets since she was little, Trixie Chua realised that she was purchasing and throwing out clothes at rapid rates. She has since launched a sustainable fashion label to tackle the issue of overconsumption and clothing waste, with all items in her brand made only from deadstock fabrics left behind by manufacturers and mills. Launched in small batches, check out these breezy, nostalgic vintage clothing that so happens to be a hot fashion trend now. Hurry now, as 10% of this month's proceeds will be donated to help the vulnerable seniors during COVID-19.

The Cinta Diri Jewellery Collection

This collection deserves a special mention what were you doing when you were 13? For Ava Soh, she was living out her dream of becoming a jewellery designer. The words "cinta diri" translates to "love yourself", in bahasa, and is 13-year-old Ava Soh's main motivation for the brand. Inspired by Peranakan women who used the hide their love letters in today's popular "love letter" biscuits, Soh's first collection will feature a ring, ear cuff, and necklaces made with the griddle pattern of the biscuits for women to gift themselves the power of self-love. You can see the collection come to live by backing the project on Kickstarter.


Teaming up with designer Jessica Cindy, this homegrown jewellery brand has created a whimsical campaign featuring eight strong and beautiful mothers as they are at home. A Moment to Dream sheds light on those in the community who may need support from others. Also part of the social project, Avyanna will be donating $120 from each jewellery piece sold from 15th May to 30th June 2020 to Singapore Children's Society.


The idea grown by avid travellers and resort enthusiasts, PINKSALT was born out of fate when Apparel Design and Product Development student, Belinda, and Merchandising and Marketing student, Su May, met at Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre ( label is great for anyone looking for modern yet modest swimwear, resort wear as well as active wear for low intensity fitness activities such as Yoga or Pilates. 5% of the sales will be donated to The Courage Fund which supports vulnerable individuals and families affected by COVID-19.


Proudly labeling themselves as quite possibly the best travel shoes you can find, Anothersole shoes are made only with the finest materials such as premium leather from the world's finest tanneries. Stitching their soft leathers directly onto flexi-rubber soles, they fit just like gloves on feet. They offer a selection of colours for each minimalist model. As part of their mission, 10% of all profits go towards feeding hungry children, building sustainable communities, and supporting their growth.

Stories of Saturday

Stories of Saturday is fashioned from the imagination of Florence Sorgini. Originating from just outside Toronto, Canada, Sorgini has travelled the globe, refining her own style as well as others as a personal & editorial stylist in Dubai and now Singapore. The brand focuses on classic feminity and is aimed at embracing the details in simplicity with 100% French silk camisoles. Beautifully-crafted in modern styles, the camisole is designed for women who understand quality & comfort, and is a staple that can be worn for all occasions.