The making of a monogram: Longchamp’s LGP is a modern take on an icon

The making of a monogram: Longchamp’s LGP is a modern take on an icon

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Text: Ho Guo Xiong

Trends come and go — that’s a fact. Monograms, however, are a fashion staple that have withstood the test of time. But if you thought that these motifs don’t evolve with the changing times, Longchamp’s latest LGP monogram is here to turn that notion on its head, literally. We delve deeper into the history of the monogram and uncover why the Longchamp LGP is a stylish challenge to historical precedences, as it seeks to redefine the heritage French luxury label’s house codes.

The first records of monograms were found in ancient Greece and Rome, where coins were inscribed with the initials of the ruler or origin city as a way to mark their authenticity. King Charles I, also known as Charlemagne, later affixed his monogram onto goods to signify the sovereignty he had over conquered areas.

Artisans and craftsmen in the Middle Ages, however, used monograms to brand their products and differentiate themselves from one another in the marketplace. Fast forward to the Victorian era, monograms were a status symbol for the rich, who would often label a multitude of things, from table linen to furniture.

Today, the monogram remains a popular signature in fashion, and for fashion houses, these insignias testify to an artisanal heritage, while consumers love them for the cachet it gives. For Longchamp, the LGP monogram was first introduced at the fall/winter 2019 fashion show in New York. Consisting of nine letters (that spell out ‘Longchamp’), the energetic imagery was created by using typography and colours akin to Warholian pop art. Translation? The Longchamp LGP echoes the modern, cosmopolitan, and playful irreverence of the well-loved brand.

The Longchamp LGP has two bag lines — the Le Pliage LGP and the Le Pliage Cuir LGP. You'll find the iconic Le Pliage nylon totes, as well as travel bags, backpacks, belt bags, luggage, and smaller accessories in both ranges.

Fashion maximalists and fans of logomania will adore the Le Pliage LGP range, as the monogram is printed all across the bag.

The Le Pliage Cuir LGP collection, on the other hand, has a subtler approach with the appliqued monogram found front and centre.

Both lines are available in two colourways: black and white with a flash of neon, or black and red with a flash of white. The Le Pliage Cuir LGP presents a third colourway that’s exclusive to Asia — powder pink with black and white accents. The signature monogram family is set to grow even larger, with the introduction of an additional black and khaki colourway that will be available from 19 November.

Stylish, chic and incredibly wearable, this modern take on a revered classic is the perfect accessory to take you from work to play.

From 15 November to 31 December 2019, shop any LGP item at the Longchamp Paragon boutique and stand a chance to win a Le Pliage LGP travel bag.

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