Editors' Picks: 8 Days Till Christmas — Gifts for the Colleague

Editors' Picks: 8 Days Till Christmas — Gifts for the Colleague

The Buro Christmas Gift Guide

Text: Andrea Sim

Presents for your colleagues are always a tricky one but we’ve got you covered. Here’s what to gift the guy or girl you didn’t even know sits three cubicles away from you

Blame it on the long-standing office tradition of festive gifting or the smart alec that yelled out Secret Santa. Fact is, time is ticking because you're not actually going to spend Christmas day or eve with the bunch you're stuck with everyday from nine to five.

Translation: The office gift exchange is approaching a lot sooner than you think.  

Nevermind that it's because Rachel from strategy is off to the slopes by the end of the week (being inclusive is so overrated), but you now have one more time-sensitive task to ace: Buying Margaret whom you just discovered sits three cubicles away from you, the present you never knew she wanted. So, why bust your ass over it when you can drop by Sephora and check out a set of Burt's Bees lip balm? Only because your reputation is at stake here.

Choose wisely or forever be known as the terrible gift-er amongst your colleagues — that is, until next Christmas rolls around, and, assuming you manage to redeem yourself then. But, since serial amateur gifting is a chronic affliction the last time we checked, see below to remedy the situation, pronto.

1. Garance Doré 2016 wall calendar
A firefighter calendar is so 2000 and late. What's 2016 (yes 2015, we're already done with you) is this calendar by French fashion influencer and illustrator Garance Doré that encapsulates enviable insouciance in 12 neat sketches. Otherwise known as inspiration.  

Garance Doré 2016 wall calendar

2. Tom Dixon Scent London diffuser
Why the neighbouring desk perpetually smells like cheese gone bad will forever be a mystery, but nip the fumes in the bud with this gorgeous copper scent diffuser from Tom Dixon. Who doesn't love a pretty, curved beauty that smells good? 

Tom Dixon Scent London diffuser

3. Complain King pencils from Stuck Shop
Comes in handy, great for giggles, and will put the resident whiner in a good mood. Enough said.   

Complain King Pencils
4. Clé de Peau Beauté Masque make-up set 
Don't fret over the underlying message that's possibly perceived when it comes to gifting make-up. If it's from Clé de Peau Beauté, you'll be more than forgiven should the recipient think you're insinuating she needs to pile on the product. Even if you actually were.

Cle De Peau Beaute Masque make-up set
5. How Was Your Day wine glass
We all have that one co-worker who's affectionately known as the 'office alcoholic'. Get him or her this ingenius hand blown wine glass and you're pretty much a mind reader from here on.  

How Was Your Day wine glass
6. Mast Brothers chocolate
Creamy smooth chocolate and endorphins. So Margaret won't give you the stink eye the next time you unwittingly kick her chair — again — on the way out. 

Mast Brothers Chocolate

7. Sony MDR EX750NA ear cancelling headphones
Trying to focus becomes futile when a colleague is a born again Belieber thanks to this article. Plug in these dimunitive but mighty noise cancelling babies to get in the zone. 

8. The Mindfulness Colouring Book: Anti-stress art therapy for busy people by Emma Farrarons
Colouring for grown ups to relieve tension is now a thing. Don't forget to throw in a set of colour pencils too or you'll be branded the amateur gift-er quicker than you can say 'relax'. 


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