Editors' Picks: 9 Days Till Christmas — Gifts for the Boss

The Buro Christmas Gift Guide

Editors' Picks: 9 Days Till Christmas — Gifts for the Boss
This is one of the toughest giftees on our list. Here are presents that will impress without making you look like you're sucking up too hard

Getting something for the boss can be tough. And no, a mug with the hashtag #LikeABoss emblazoned on it does not constitute a clever or original gift. The key to the right present is picking out something that speaks to his or her interest and personality — without being too imposing. Don't give them something they can't hide away easily if they don't like it. Like a giant ceramic dog sculpture... unless it's by Jeff Koons.

Avoid anything too personal — so no self help books — or worse still, books on how to be a more effective manager. And remember, like it or not, your gift will reflect on you. Fine champagne? Good gift. Bottle of low end vodka? Your boss might think you're a closet alcoholic or got it from duty free shopping on your last vacation. What should always be at the back of your mind when picking out a pressie? This person is signing my pay cheque. 

1. Sonic Editions 'What's My Name' framed Muhammad Ali print
We all know the office can be a battleground. Nothing says "You have my uptmost admiration" and "You are the greatest" more than a framed print of the great boxer, pounding his opponent Ernie Terrell into humiliating submission. Subtle.
Sonic Editions 'What's My Name' framed Muhammad Ali print
2. Czech & Speake Number 88 Shaving Set And Soap
This is where discretion is key. Perfect gift for the dapper boss who appreciates the finer things in life. Not so great gift for a female boss. Or one who is growing out his beard.

CZECH & SPEAKENumber 88 Shaving Set And Soap

3.  Coach Unlined Mercer tote in pebble leather
You can't go wrong with a practical, unisex tote that is durable yet sleek. This bag can carry a laptop, stack of papers and (hopefully) your bonus letter. 

4. Smythson Mara leather 2016 agenda notebook
If your boss is into details, they'll appreciate this baby. Red calfskin cover with a chic, croc-embossed print, simple gold lettering in an eye-pleasing font; and, when you look inside, well-spaced out sections for your daily entries.

Smythson Mara leather 2016 agenda notebook
5. Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque 2007
To borrow from Agent Dale Cooper, this is damn, fine champagne. It smells faintly of a bouquet of magnolia and honeysuckle with a hint of ripe pear and peach, but has a bold flavour and delicious aftertaste.
Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque 2007
6. Hector Saxe denim-bound leather backgammon set
Do people still play board games? If your boss is not a millenial, and has the attention span beyond that of a guppy, it's likely that he does. This denim-bound set hits all the right notes style wise and is great for travel and for breaking out at home, over a glass of Malbec.

Hector Saxe denim-bound leather backgammon set

7. How To Be Idle: A Loafer's Manifesto by Tom Hodgkinson
Did you know there is an art to being idle? Well there is. And this is one of those clever gifts that benefit you in a roundabout way. If your boss is a workaholic and has yet to grasp the concept of 'convalescence' or  'having a life', this just might do the trick.

8. Caviar Kaspia x Maison Carpenet Tatiana Matriochka with Ossetra Selection Caviar box
Does your boss have champagne wishes and caviar dreams? This adorable matryoshka doll comes nestled, not with another doll, but with a selection of prized, ossetra caviar.

Caviar Kaspia Tatiana Matriochka With A 125g Ossetra Selection Caviar Box
9.  N°5 Chanel Eau de Parfum
If she's a lady of impeccable taste or comes from the generation where a strong, bold scent was a weapon of seduction and power, she'll love the distinctive, aldehydic notes of Chanel No. 5. This one is a special edition 35ml size that is handy for the top drawer of her desk... you know, right next to her cheap vodka.



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Text: Renée Batchelor

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