Editors' Picks: 2 Days Till Christmas — Gifts for the Parentals

The Buro Christmas Gift Guide

Editors' Picks: 2 Days Till Christmas — Gifts for the Parentals
Yes, Christmas is this Friday. Still haven't bought that all important gift for the olds? Chillax. We're here to save the day

But it's going to cost you. And so it should. 

Regardless of whether they've been model parents, or would in fact get the wooden spoon if good parenting was a race, these people gave you life. They clothed you, fed you, looked after your education, and consoled you when that girl in primary school turned you down and you sulked by climbing up a tree and refusing to come down for dinner — okay, so maybe the last one is rather specific. But you get my point. 

Remember: You can't choose your parents, but you can choose what you give them; which, if mastered carefully, will be returned to you as a family heirloom. 

1. Louis Vuitton Boîte Promenade trunk travel bag

For mother dearest. Unless dad is in dire need of a gold case to store his mechanical watches. Either way, this is instant heirloom stuff. A travel hardcase with two compartments and a removable divider, it can also accommodate an iPad for the tech savvy parental.

Louis Vuitton Boîte Promenade trunk travel bag

2. Bulgari Monete 18K pink gold ring with antique silver coin

Don't have a family emblem? Give pops this antique silver coin as a signet ring instead. Crafted from 18ct pink gold from the esteemed house of Bulgari, tell dad that you're starting a new family tradition and you expect him to hand it down to you in due course. Family + jewellery + new traditions = Totally dominating Christmas gifting.
 Bulgari Monete 18K pink gold ring with antique bronze silver coin

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Text: Norman Tan

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