Christmas gift ideas: Top 10 picks from the Buro pop-up store

Christmas gift ideas: Top 10 picks from the Buro pop-up store

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Text: Varsha Sivaram

Image: The Mindful Company,
The Paper Bunny,
Mmerci Encore,
Arete Goods,
Pint Society,
Crunchie Brownie,
Dreams Establishment,
Taylor B.

From ice cream subscriptions to mini cameras, the Buro pop-up has all the last minute presents you need for loved ones

Haven't bought your Christmas presents yet? The Buro pop-up store has you covered.

Check out these ten Christmas gift ideas — courtesy of the local brands stocked at our pop-up store — and our recommendations on who you should give them to.

10. Reminder Bands by The Mindful Company

What: It's the season of giving, both physically and spiritually. Crafted from surgical stainless steel — and available in 18ct gold or rose-gold plated variations — these bands are elegantly designed and come engraved with messages of calm, clarity, and emotional stability. Our favourite? 'Joy', which is an offline exclusive for the Buro pop-up store. 

For whom: The co-worker who's just a little bit too uptight. 'Let Go' and 'Breathe' will serve as a timely reminder to just chill, and appreciate the little things.

The Mindful Company

9. Notebooks by The Paper Bunny 

What: With stationery that's big on both design and functionality, The Paper Bunny's eclectic notebooks and 2016 planners are the perfect presents for the New Year. Amazing ones, even.

For whom: Nab the 2016 planner for the friend or partner who never fails to forget your birthday. Or your anniversary. We'd circle the important dates in advance, just so they get the hint.

The Paper Bunny

8. Polaroid Cube by Polaroid

What: A camera that shoots both images and high-definition video, the Polaroid Cube is a mere 35mm in size, giving 'portable' a whole new meaning.

For whom: That ever-present guy at concerts, who's staring at his video recording more than the actual show in front of him. 

Polaroid Cube

7. Geometric oil burner by Mmerci Encore

What: A calming means of aromatherapy with a unique design to boot, Mmerci Encore's geometric oil burner is definitely something for the holidays. Water, a few drops of essential oils, and a tea-light are all that's needed for it to work its magic. 

For whom: For loved ones busy donning masks and checking the PSI levels religiously during the recent haze, this will be a God send.

Mmerci Encore

6. Shirt dresses by Arete Goods

What: Simple, elegant, and fuss-free, these shirt dresses from Arete Goods — who also have a line of high quality ballet flats — are manufactured here in Singapore from top-quality European fabrics such as Italian seersucker, cotton twill, and brushed oxford.

For whom: The fashion conscious and weather weary. Put simply, the well-dressed friend who's always complaining about the weather.

Arete Goods

5. Ice cream subscription by The Pint Society

What: Yep, you heard it right. Subscriptions aren't just for magazines. You can now have artisanal ice cream — two pints per month, to be exact — sent directly to your home or office. If that isn't enough incentive, the Buro pop-up is here to seal the deal: Use promo code 'BURO4PS' to enjoy 10% off your subscription

For whom: If we're being honest, we'd gift these to ourselves. So get yourself some sinful treats for the coming months – you deserve it.

Pint Society

4. Brownies by Crunchie Brownie

What: We'd say these are pretty self explanatory: Brownies, but crunchy. If the concept alone boggles your mind, we'd recommend tasting these desserts in all three flavours: Confirm Chocolate, Kiam Kiam Caramel, and Wahlau Walnut.

For whom: The young ones. A niece or nephew might appreciate a new type of dessert. Frankly they'll enjoy sugar in any form, so you're all set.

Crunchie Brownie

3. Rosanna plates by Dreams Establishment

What: Pastels, stripes, and gold lettering — if that's your design aesthetic, the Rosanna plates from Dreams Establishment will be right up your alley. 

For whom: Party hosts. Whether they're classy affairs or boozy shindigs, one can't go wrong with some gorgeous plating.

Rosanna Plates by Dreams Establishment

2. Edison dome lamp by Taylor B. 

What: A statement piece for any room, the Edison dome lamp is both a blast from the past and an innovate conversation starter. Warm industrial light bulbs included.

For whom: Savvy decorators with an eye for quality and detail. Especially industrial aesthetes and cashed-up hipsters.  

Edison dome lamp by Taylor B.

1. Tea blends by ETTE Tea

What: It might not be snowing outside, but the rainy season is reason enough to curl up with a cup of warm tea. ETTE Tea's unique blends in particular are festive in all the right ways — think Christmas Fruit Stollen in liquid form. Their Moscow Mule, an exclusive blend just for Buro 24/7 Singapore, is a potent mix of Russian caravan tea with apple, ginger, lemon, and hibiscus. Yes.

For whom: The tea purists. It's time for them to put aside the English Breakfast and get a taste of some newer, more complex flavours.


All items are available at the Buro Pop-Up Store located at 6 Scotts Road, Scotts Square #01-06. Open daily from 10am to 10pm, till the end of March 2016.