Emerging Korean designer Ji Won Choi reimagines sustainable fashion via a capsule collection on Yoox

Emerging Korean designer Ji Won Choi reimagines sustainable fashion via a capsule collection on Yoox

It's in the stripes

Text: Jolene Khor

Fashion ecology by way of cleverly hidden messages, thoughtful layering, and minimised pattern cut waste

There's more than one route to fashion Utopia, more ways than one to do good. Recently, the likes of Versace, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein pledged to go fur-free for the rest of days, while other major names such as Stella McCartney and Edun have worn the cruelty-free, sustainable label since day one. High street brands aren't excluded from the movement either. Grana, Reformation as well as People Tree and Everlane choose to be transparent with their manufacturing processes and environmental footprints.

We do what we are able. And it is from that sentiment Korean designer Ji Won Choi rises. Her six-month internship at Yoox, birthed a womenswear capsule with a focus on primary hues and off-kilter silhouettes of pieces long familiar and loved. But this is no run-of-the-mill collab. Through her creations, the Parsons graduate — and first winner of the YOOXYGEN Award — implores us to rethink our relationship with clothing. If the opposite of overconsumption is minimalism, what does that mean for a trend-driven collector, lover of the limited edition?

Ji Won Choi x Yoox

Choi's solution is not in the dismissal of seasonal offerings, but in the redirection of the method of dressing: to test their versatility through their layering flexibilities — a task her capsule collection for Yoox aces. Her ethical message extends to her choice of pattern. Of the buffet of fabrics at her disposal, she called upon the stripe for two reasons. Firstly, because it brings to mind the barcode, a modern emblem for consumerism. Secondly, because the cutting and assembling of stripe patterns is far less wasteful than on other prints.

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Ji Won Choi x Yoox will be available from mid-April 2018.