Swimwear in Singapore: Where to buy stylish bikinis and one pieces that will survive the washing machine

Swimwear in Singapore: Where to buy stylish bikinis and one pieces that will survive the washing machine

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Text: Jolene Khor

Considering we're an island nation, you're going to need this no BS guide to finding the best swimwear money can buy

Here's my gripe about shopping for swimwear. Aside from the internal self-esteem battle and the war within the walls of fitting rooms (whoever gets into spandex like a swan is not human and thus, should not be trusted), there's always the dilemma of buying trendy versus buying quality. Very often, the two characteristics are mutually exclusive. On one hand, there's the frilly, fun itty bitty things which barely hold their shape after a couple weeks of immersion in sea water. We won't name names, but fast fashion retailers, you know who you are! On the other side of the quadrant are hardy suits that bore us half to hell. #canyounot

Applause and praise to brands that fuse technical know-how with designs that give us tanlines — and Instagram shots — with stories to tell. We round up the winners below.

Shop for: Reliably "chichi" French one pieces cut to look a million bucks. It was bought by Chanel in 1996 which speaks for the level of refinement we're looking at here.
Why we love it: You won't find any padding or boning in Eres. It prides itself on the trademarked peau douce fabric, engineered to mould the body and simultaneously hide imperfections.
Find it here: Four Seasons Hotel, #01-12 



Shop for: Hand-painted swimwear in happy colours, available in various styles per fabric design.
Why we love it: Lilliput & Felix takes sustainability seriously. Not only are their swimwear made of recycled fishing nets and reclaimed fibres, they only use upcycled or recyclable materials in their packaging too.
Find it here: Edit Lifestyle boutique at 137 - 139 Tanglin Road, and Colony Clothing at 83 Clemenceau Avenue 



Shop for: Vintage suits for her and vibrant shorts for him (their bread and butter) reminiscent of 1970s Saint Tropez.
Why we love it: Dubbed the Hermès of swimwear, you bet your toned butt Vilebrequin doesn't kid around when it comes to craftsmanship. Prized is the high-density polyamide fabric purchased from Italy then woven in Spain; it's essentially a more tear-resistant version of polyester that dries in no time. 
Find it here: Marina Bay Sands Hotel, L1-012 



Good for: Sex in a suit. If you've been working hard at the gym, Agent Provocateur will make sure everyone knows about it — if they don't already.
Why we love it: The unapologetically piquant cut-outs let you hang out (literally) with freedom. While we wouldn't recommend cliff diving in them, your priceless bits will be safe from leery eyes by the poolside.
Find it here: The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, #01-32



Shop for: Frills and thrills. The uber feminine and dazzling bikinis and matching cover-ups only hint at naughty boudoir exploits.
Why we love it: The brand explodes in its chemistry of Agent Provocateur's eroticism and Eres' quieter temperaments — perfect for those itching for a little bit of taboo in their glamour.
Find it here: Takashimaya Shopping Centre, #02-12G