Streetwear special: Alyx, the cult label with a refined aesthetic

Streetwear special: Alyx, the cult label with a refined aesthetic

Californian cool

Text: Andrea Sim

Stand out from the crowd in threads that aren't just jumpers and hoodies — here's streetwear from a true-blue Californian perspective

Founder Matthew M. Williams is a man that's capable of wearing many hats. Starting out as a costume designer for musicians, he's risen to take on epic roles such as creative director for the inimitable Lady Gaga, and collaborator to lifestyle behemoths Nike and Supreme. Recently coming into his own with streetwear label Alyx, it took only two seasons for LVMH to train their eyes on him.

Since the brand's inception in fall 2015, Williams' design code — bondage meets urban sophistication steeped in Californian cool — has earned him a nomination for the LVMH Young Designer Prize 2016. Beyond the accolades and show-stopping resume, his striking, experimental clothing has given the streetwear scene a refreshing perspective. Think: The quintessential muscle tank layered over classic shirting, and wide-leg trousers inflected with '90s hip hop. So take five on the hoodies, and save the jumpers for later, because these outfits will give your streetwear rotation the pumped up edge it needs. 

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