The jewellery label behind the It-chokers and arm candies that's giving everyone a 'toothache'

The jewellery label behind the It-chokers and arm candies that's giving everyone a 'toothache'

Assoulin's assortments

Text: Bianca Husodo

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Folks, it's high time to swap your beaten-up velvet chokers with these panoply of Roxanne Assoulin confections

The name Assoulin might ring a bell if one's an avid spectator of the burgeoning young labels of today. Ding ding ding: Rosie Assoulin is 2015's CFDA Swarovski Award for Womenswear winner and the sculptural, billowing pieces do attest to the designer's accolade. Now, joining in Man Repeller's arm parties and adorning necks of fashion's nobles are the creations of Rosie's mentor (who happens to be her mother-in-law too), Roxanne Assoulin.

Having spent 37 years in the business, jewellery designer Roxanne Assoulin boasts an astounding resume brimmed with big-name designers, from Marc Jacobs to Oscar de la Renta. Last year, the 61-year-old's collaboration with in-law Rosie Assoulin produced gold-enamelled giant flowers blossoming forth on the models' earlobes. They were an instant sell-out, and not long after, her eponymous jewellery line was birthed.

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Assoulin's rainbow-tiled pieces may come across simple at first glance — but before you cry 'basic', we'll admit that they ingeniously are. Her line of tiled jewellery is a breeze of joie de vivre and effortless nonchalance sought out by all the cool girls. Her chokers and bracelets come in a rainbow spectrum, Breton stripes, striking metallics and mini pearls. And as her fall 2016 line continues to evolve, her collection sees the addition of the whimsical Dot Dot Dot earrings, which are inspired by an art installation in the Gagosian gallery.

Curiously, the idea of her label came in a whim when Assoulin was in her studio, toying with the hand-enamelled mosaic tiles she has had for 20 years in her office. Ten months and 40 colour combo experimentations later, Assoulin unofficially debuted her line on Baja East's spring 2016 runway following a last-minute frenzy due to lack of jewellery. Crisis was averted, and Assoulin's creations made a splash.

Eva Chen
In the past seven months, Roxanne Assoulin's colour-pulsating pieces have been seen on the wrists and napes of Instagram's style savant Eva Chen at the Tony Awards, Man Repeller's Leandra Medine (stacked to the elbow) to supermodel Karlie Kloss on a night out.

"I've always been drawn to colour but never quite felt comfortable wearing it as a piece of clothing. I'm a navy, grey, khaki, kinda spirit. Yet, I love colour," muses Assoulin. "And I've finally found the way to wear it. Bottom line, it makes me smile — and that's the endgame, isn't it?" It is, Mrs. Assoulin, it truly is.

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