Post-athleisure, this is how you can fashionably style your workout clothes and sports attire on casual days

Post-athleisure, this is how you can fashionably style your workout clothes and sports attire on casual days

Studio, then street

Text: Gordon Ng

Editor: Jolene Khor

So you've made your fitness resolutions for 2020 and paid for a gym membership. The question then remains: what do you wear to go work out? It's not a shallow question really, because having the right outfits for your workout sessions makes you look and feel good. More importantly, it should bridge the gap between what you're doing before and after — in other words, having outfits ready that can take you in and out of the gym and into work and play.

Post-athleisure, this is how you can fashionably style your workout clothes and sports attire on casual days (фото 1)

Invest, invest, invest

Athleisure, that old trend from about three years ago, was all about co-opting sportswear for a casual look. It didn't fully matter if you were going to work out in those clothes or if those clothes were even suitable. What's important now is that you get proper athletic wear. That means performance materials with a great fit and high quality look — something that holds up under the fluorescent lights in the gym and out in the sun. Performance wear doesn't come cheap, but it's important to invest in something that can withstand the workouts, washes, and still look good on the streets.

Lucy Hale's P.E Nation The Hell Fire Leggings is a good choice.

Change the mood of the look

A great piece of outerwear is a quick way to change your look up from F45 to, well, fashionable. Yes, chic nylon jackets work, but also consider a jacket that's got nothing to do with sportswear which will completely shift the focus of your look. This season's great suiting comeback comes to mind, and throwing on a tailored jacket (sleeves rolled up, perhaps, to give it more ease) is often all it takes to make compression leggings look casually chic.

Kim Kardashian elevates her sportswear by going the matchy-matchy route to look instantly put together. The heels don't hurt either, figuratively speaking.

Accessorise for the day

Forgo the ugly gym duffels and shoe bags, because toting things like that around outside the gym is a little unchic. There are plenty of big fashionable totes that can fit an extra pair of shoes stuffed in a discreet dustbag (see Bella Hadid's Dior Book Tote above). Bonus: a roomy bag gives you the option of changing entirely out of your workout gear into another outfit for the day so no one will ever know you've just come from the gym. The little things matter too. Sunglasses and a hint of jewellery do wonders for making it look less like you're improvising a post-workout get-up and more like the entire endeavour is a planned outfit.

Emily Ratajkowski takes her sports bra and bike shorts to the street with gold hoops and a mini bag.


Lean into it

Alternatively, you could just lean all the way into the sportswear look. Plenty of designers are coming up with lines of their own — sometimes in collaboration with big names such as Nike and Adidas so you know the performance chops are there — that are stylish enough to do double-duty in and out of the gym. We're thinking tops with details like a discreet print or a roll neck, trousers and joggers to avoid a leggings-as-pants situation, sports bras in solid colours and premium materials that appear convincingly like a minimalist bralette top, or a whole proper tracksuit. The style factor of leaning into sportswear should come from looking like everyday outfits that blur the line of comfort and exercise.

Gigi Hadid gives her humble tracksuit new life with kickass makeup and '90s shades.