Seen/scene from space: Iconic pop culture space fashion if you want to get creative with your #OOTD

Seen/scene from space: Iconic pop culture space fashion if you want to get creative with your #OOTD

The future is now

Text: Ryan Sng

Image: Instagram

The men's fashion market has traditionally been — how do we put this kindly...? — far less imaginative and fantastical than its feminine counterpart, with an unshakeable suits-and-sportswear status quo leaving little breathing room for grown-up boys to play with identity. Or to just have fun dressing up. Remember that aspect of fashion? But that's changing, as some of the world's top houses embrace sci-fi and pop culture as never before; Kim Jones' futuristic-Japonisme showing for Dior Men pre-fall 2019 was just one noteworthy example of the increasingly, and fabulously, blurred line between high fashion and elaborate cosplay. To get you started, we've assembled suggestions for emulating some of pop culture's most beloved spacefarers.

Han Solo, the Star Wars franchise
C'mon, we know you've always wanted to.

Wall-E and Eve, Wall-E
The ying-yang contrast between Wall-E and Eve, the romantic pairing at the heart of Pixar's most understated film ever, is hammered home by their respective designs; trash-compactor Wall-E is rusty, muck-covered and blocky, while reconaissance bot Eve is smooth optic-white and sleek. 

David, the Aliens franchise
This android from the Alien prequel films favours a cool grey palette — not unlike that of the protagonists in the seminal 50s space flick Forbidden Planet — which mirrors his lack of human warmth. #goals.

Spock, the Star Trek franchise
History will look back fondly on this cultural juggernaut for its inclusive values — here's looking at you, Uhura and Sulu — but fashion lovers will remember Star Trek best for being TV/film's longest-running love letter to mock neck sweaters.

Star-Lord, the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Chris Pratt's wisecracking payday may be a little less assured and smooth than the archetypal action hero, but Peter Quill can work a burgundy jacket harder than any model on earth.

Dr David Bowman, 2001: A Space Odyssey
Half a century on, director Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece is still widely considered the gold standard for sci-fi cinema. The film's late-'60s astronaut costumes, fortunately, have aged just as well as its screenplay.

Pygar, Barbarella
Ok, we're just kidding with this one.

John Phillip Law as Pygar