The PANDORA jewellery we're surprising our mothers with on Mother's Day

The PANDORA jewellery we're surprising our mothers with on Mother's Day

For our superheroes

Text: Buro. Singapore

Before Wonder Woman, there was mum. We celebrate the first ladies in our lives with PANDORA jewellery that echo our best memories

She doesn't need another designer tote or one more garden variety fragrance to add to her collection. Mother's Day presents — and gifting in general for that matter — is less about the actual item and all about celebrating the person. Is she an extraodinary multi-tasker? Perhaps a selfless caregiver or your closest confidant? It takes knowing a person like the back of your hand to truly surprise with a token of significance.

Pro tip: The real investment is in your thoughts, not the chosen piece. So instead of presenting a list of jewellery deemed suitable for all mothers out there, here's a rundown of the PANDORA accessories the Buro team is surprising our superheroes with — stylish trinkets that double up as heartfelt mementos of the love, care and apppreciation our mums have showered us with over the years. 


Pandora Mother's Day Collection 2017

"The first piece of jewellery my mother ever gifted me was a pair of diamond stud earrings when I was a year old. Apparently, I repaid her kindness by wailing relentlessly as I got my ears pierced. Turns out, it's a familial rite for daughters and mine was an incident she's never forgotten. Besides bringing up the memory every now and then — this ranks in the top five when it comes to childhood stories — earrings happen to be her favourite way to accessorise, which makes the Hearts of Love stud earrings the ideal Mother's Day gift, one that's almost touched with kismet." — Angelyn Kwek, writer


Pandora Mother's Day Collection 2017

"My mother had this one ring she's always loved. It's dainty and lovely, like her, yet full of character and story, also like her. She was right to hesitate when I asked to borrow it as a teenager, because I proceeded to lose it in a day. I know I'll never find its replacement, but PANDORA's Hearts of Love ring comes close. I hope mum will appreciate the dual hearts, which I like to think represent hers and mine, and how though they're apart (my mother doesn't reside in Singapore), they'll always be close." — Jolene Khor, associate fashion editor


Pandora Mother's Day Collection 2017

"Growing up as an only child, I had the privilege of having both parents all to myself. While my father was all about discipline and getting good grades in school, my mother took a more holistic approach in raising me. I remember the many holidays — Perth, Tokyo and London are her favourite destinations — and conversations over long high teas, where she took it upon herself to educate me outside of the classroom. This silver Floating Heart locket with sapphire glass is the perfect Mother's Day gift, for the woman who taught me to live life wholeheartedly." — Amelia Chia, deputy editor


Pandora Mother's Day Collection 2017

"My mother is a superhero. But aren't they all? Juggling full-time work and part-time study — so she could skill-up and support me as a single parent — I used to hide behind the front door to scare her when she returned from a long day. Her: Genuinely horrified, totally knackered, but still smiling. Me: Laughing my head off like a brat. Priceless. Which is why she deserves bling for Mother's Day; like this elegant circle ring in silver. A beautiful ring for a beautiful woman." — Norman Tan, editor-in-chief


Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Collection

"I was never close to my mother growing up. Bound by the rigorous 9 to 5 (more like 8 to 8 in reality), it was my dad who was omnipresent in my childhood. It was not until I turned 16 when she retired that I became close to her. I never got to hold her hand much given that outings were few and far between, so I took pride in doing so after we started to spend more time together. Now, I'm the one shackled by the daily grind and quality time has yet again dwindled. The Hearts of Love charm is a pretty but potent reminder that our hands (and hearts) will always be intertwined no matter what." — Andrea Sim, fashion writer and stylist

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