These Fendi charms will knock your socks off

These Fendi charms will knock your socks off

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Text: Jolene Khor

Forget Karlito. The ABClick, Fendi Fruits and Fendi Wonders monopolise our bags — and hearts


Definition: "Breathing that is deeper and more rapid than normal" — WebMD
Effects: Lightheadedness, rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath. Severe cases include numbness or tingling in hands and/or feet, anxiety, fainting and sore chest muscles
Cause: Fendi charms 

In case you think we're being dramatic, scroll to the bottom for a gallery of this season's most adorable accessories, the ABClick, Fendi Fruits and Fendi Wonders. But first, some back story, starting with the ABClick.

These Fendi charms will knock your socks off (фото 1)

Remember those initial necklaces you used to wear in the '90s? The bejewelled ones? Yeah those. Fendi is revisiting one of our least favourite trends and making it great again. The ABClick — they adorn all 26 alphabets in the book with gold metal and a pinch of fur — can be attached to a multitude of minis. Think: necklaces, bags, bag straps, pouches, wallets, even shoes and jewellery. So basically everything that isn't clothes.

These Fendi charms will knock your socks off (фото 2)

And then there are the Wonders, inspired by the Bag Bugs (that's the monster ones) and the FENDI Witches (Remember her? She wears black coral stripes and has aquamarine eyes). This eccentric pompon family might remind you of yours, which is to say its members come in various sizes and personalities. Our favourite? This happy guy above, because pink brows = life. His little face, fuzzy furrows and velvety slippers are made from mink; his tummy, fox fur, and hair, kidassia plus alpaca. 

These Fendi charms will knock your socks off (фото 3)

You probably noticed the Fendi Fruits on the spring/summer 2017 show. Ripe for the picking, they're made with an inlay of precious fox and lapin (that's rabbit for you) shaded fur while the leaf découpé is soft nappa leather. And yes, it comes in more colours. See below.

The Fendi charms are available in stores now.