These old photographs of Hollywood starlets will inspire you to wear flannel in new ways

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Text: Jolene Khor

The argument is over. More is more is more is more

There's something magical about old photographs isn't there?

They conjure all sorts of emotions and for a brief moment for the willing, possess the power to reignite a chapter long forgotten. Chad Kroeger is on board. His band Nickleback, the Canadian rock group mercilessly critiqued for their musical talent — or lack thereof — lets the frontman croon about how an old photograph brings him back to his happy (though shockingly crime-ridden) childhood with great dramatic effect. It scored so well on the charts in 2005 its legacy still continues, albeit butchered further at karaoke sessions the globe over — proof that reminiscence is not a lonely business. Then there are old photographs of another kind, the eerie sort craftily employed in thriller The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for plot advancement, and pretty much every other B-rated horror movie ever to exist. 

Those that we've dusted from the archives for your consumption above aren't nearly as theatrical, but impactful nonetheless. Fashion comes and goes, but flannel aka plaid aka tartan, has secure footing in the tide of clothing. Before Alexander McQueen draped it around Sarah Jessica Parker once upon a Met Gala, way before Cara Delevingne and Kristen Stewart tied theirs around their waists at Coachella, old Hollywood had their way with the Scottish checks. 

See Audrey Hepburn challenge the status quo in a dinner jacket (this was 1950, it was a big deal), Catherine Deneuve muse her Yves Saint Laurent separates and Vera-Ellen spearhead sportswear ahead of her time. After, browse Uniqlo's new Flannel collection if you're in the mood for new digs.

Uniqlo's Flannel range for men and women is available in stores and online now. The Flannel pyjamas will be launched on September 3.


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