Get ready for the Net-a-Porter x Gucci capsule collection

Get ready for the Net-a-Porter x Gucci capsule collection

Ardent Gucci fans, listen up

Text: Bianca Husodo

Gucci gets digital, dropping a capsule collection available exclusively at the world’s online luxury fashion destination,

It feels as if Alessandro Michele's takeover and reinvention of the Gucci girl (and boy — or are they one and the same?) just happened, but it actually occurred more than a year ago. And everyone is still captivated, eagerly scouring whatever the behemoth Italian house has to offer. And why not? The newfound eclectic Gucci chick strolls around in shaggy fur-lined slippers and has a penchant for rumpled leather and pleated dresses. She's that cool magpie with a vaguely gawkish air — wearing her heart on her romantic sleeve in lieu of confronting it head on with full-on sexiness. It's endearingly weird, not repellent.

Further fuelling the hunger for this whimsical and eccentric way of dressing, is the Net-a-Porter exclusive 20-piece Gucci mini-collection. Set for international release on 12 May, the digital capsule collection features a dominant rose-print (inspired by a 19th century tapestry) that finds it way onto a three-quarter sleeve pussy bow scarf blouse adorned with pearl GG buttons, all the way to the Dionysus shoulder bag; which, by the way, is selling like hotcakes inside Gucci stores. The heron-print from Gucci Pre-fall 2016 is also re-imagined in striking red — emblazoned on a neoprene sweatshirt with lurex web stripe details.

As Alessandro Michele's aesthetic is about addition, not subtraction, get your clicking fingers warmed up for the upcoming race of adding a piece of that retro-tinged ensemble to your wardrobe. Of course, planning which item to score in the calm before the eccentric Gucci storm is essential, so click through our favourite pieces from the mini-collection below.

The Gucci capsule collection is available exclusively at starting from 12 May