Dior’s very first customisable bag: The new My Lady Dior

Dior’s very first customisable bag: The new My Lady Dior

Badge bearer

Text: Bianca Husodo

This petite version of My Lady Dior can be personalised with your lucky charms

If there is one thing we are noticing of late is the bevy of options available for women looking to game change their arm candies. From interchangeable bag straps to iron-on embroidery patches, the desire for personalised items is heating up. And for those who have been eyeing the French luxury house's iconic bag, meet the new My Lady Dior — the perfect solution to gratify your need for a classic that is modifiable.

The petite size is a clever and fun reinvention of the iconic bag. For your personalising pleasure, the bag features a wide shoulder strap you can customise with Lucky Badges. These enamelled metal pins are inspired by Monsieur Dior’s own lucky charms and symbols: The lily of the valley, bee, rose, heart and the Dior logo. Individual alphabetical letters are also available.

The new Lady Dior is sold with three pins of your choice. Need more? 41 Lucky Badges can be collected over time. After all, stylish new beginnings start with the proper gear and it never hurts to have a few options in hand.

Dior’s My Lady Dior and Lucky Badges are available in Dior boutiques.