Mother's Day: Statement clothes and accessories to send a message to mum with

Mother's Day: Statement clothes and accessories to send a message to mum with

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Unless you've been living beneath a digital rock, you'd know that Mother's Day is upon us (it's 12 May if you're actually wondering, you bad bad child). Volumes have been written about the deep and complex relationship between women and our mothers/maternal figures, much of it inaccurate or sexist. Our mothers are not vicariously living their unfulfilled dreams through us, nor are natural tensions between mothers and daughters indicative of women's inability to get along because of some weird Electra complex (we have Carl Jung to thank for this slice of ridiculousnessness). As a counterbalance to the dross put out there about this most mythified and misunderstood of emotional bonds, here's our roundup of statement-making gifts to present yo' mama this Mother's Day.

Even if the broader culture doesn't always affirm this, let mum know that you see her as a multi-faceted and colourful individual, for whom motherhood is only a single wavelength in the rainbow spectrum of her life. Available at Net-a-Porter.

Roxanne Assoulin Technicolor set of three enamel and Swarovski crystal bracelets


Just enough to carry her own baggage — and nobody else's. As any self-respecting, mature Hollwood actress could probably tell you, mothers are not meant to be emotional pack mules. Available at Net-a-Porter.

Loewe Mini two-tone woven leather tote


'Cause mama needs a totem in her struggle against millennia-old, self-sacrificial pressures of patriarchal motherhood. Available at Etsy.

Treat yo self ring Etsy


To the truism "not all heroes wear capes", we'd like to add that not all mothers need to be superheroes; they can, however, look extravagantly extra in a cape in the event they feel like it, all day, errday. Available at Gucci.

Gucci Floral brocade cape


These pretty babies feature pearls trapped in a silver coil; a gentle suggestion to mum, perhaps, that some drops of wisdom are best withheld unless solicited. What? You can't expect all of our entries to be wholesome... Available at Net-a-Porter.

Closer by Wwake Orbital silver pearl earrings

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