Win in life by dressing your dog in Moncler's new mini collection

Win in life by dressing your dog in Moncler's new mini collection

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Text: Jolene Khor

Moncler teams up with Poldo Dog Couture for what is undeniably the cutest collaboration ever known to man

Fashion collaborations are a dime in a dozen. Lately, there's been hype about the upcoming Victoria's Secret and Balmain mash-up, the special collection Thom Browne designed for Colette, Louis Vuitton's second outing with Jeff Koons, and of course, H&M and Erdem's imminent drop. And that was just a sampling of our reporting from the last fortnight.

Adding fuel to the fire is Moncler. Notably, the label chose to stray from its breed from the fashion pedigree to join forces with an unlikely force — the Poldo Dog Couture. Moncler's latest capsule collection answers the perennial question, "Are you a dog or a cat person?" by showing two products dedicated to man's best friend. 

The first is a classic jacquard knitwear. The second (the highlight) is a nylon laqué waistcoat made from the iconic Moncler fabric, designed to keep our size small and medium buddies warm and protected from harsh climates without impeding their morning runs. The details, such as the quilt effect and the vibrant colourways deliberately echo the beloved full-sized human version the Moncler name has been long associated with.

Consider our hearts thawed:

Moncler's capsule collection with Poldo Dog Couture is available in Moncler boutiques and on