Markarian, the name adding sugar and spice to after-dark ensembles

Markarian, the name adding sugar and spice to after-dark ensembles

Dusk duds

Text: Andrea Sim

Image: Moda Operandi
Image: Markarian

If you thought the LBD was your best bet for evenings out on the town, this New York label is about to blow your mind

Somewhere along the way from childhood to adulthood, many of us lose touch with our proclivity for whimsy, the impulse to dream, the itch for the off-kilter. Then out of the blue comes an external force to banish us from our comfort zones, forcing us to submit to the conduits that reignite our eccentricity. For some, it's a Wes Anderson film. For others, it's a dress so achingly beautiful yet offbeat, we feel inclined to hand them down to our unborn daughters.

Meet Alexandra O'Neill, a designer with the magic to whip up such apparels, the sugar and spice behind New York label Markarian. Born and raised in Colorado, O'Neill revealed: "The sky that I saw when I was young was infinite, and I loved that most about it. The magic that existed in my childhood from those moments, still inspires me."

Markarian Moda Operandi

Her childlike perception of femininity explains the dubbing of her brand — born just in the spring of 2017 — after the Markarian galaxies. Think: Tiered ruffles, balloon sleeves and trailing bows. It is not uncommon for O'Neill to tack on a starfish to a pale yellow sequinned frock (above) or serve up a dress in billowing gold lamé. 

Surely the next time the girl gang pings for drinks or a Tinder match proves worthy of wine and face time, the LBD will hardly cut it — not after you've seen what O'Neill can do.

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