This Ukranian designer's garments are a whimsical, girlish dream

This Ukranian designer's garments are a whimsical, girlish dream

Forever young

Text: Andrea Sim

Image: Marianna Senchina
Image: Moda Operandi

Enamoured with fashion's ultra-feminine fling? Young designer Marianna Senchina will hit the sweet spot

The saying that age is but a number rings true with Marianna Senchina on two counts.

At a mere 27 years old, the designer's eponymous label saw lift off as soon as her collection hit the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Kiev a couple years back. Soon after, her über-feminine creations made waves beyond her home country, landing her on the pages of Vogues across two continents.

And then there's the matter of her clothing: Apropos of our youth, specifically the playful frocks our mothers put us in before we earned the right to sartorial autonomy. 

But really, should a grown-up deign to regress in her stylistic ways? The answer is in Senchina's aptitude for the current; a skill that manifests in her garments' fine print. The drawstring on a girly gingham frock (image 1, below) and rollercoaster fabric belt turned dress strap (image 2) trace the designer's flirtation with the streetwear phenomenon, telling of her ability to digest, attune and evolve — only to add some spice to her distinctive brand of sugar.

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