Longchamp's first runway show will be staged at New York Fashion Week this September

Longchamp's first runway show will be staged at New York Fashion Week this September

The new frontier

Text: Jolene Khor

Longchamp will celebrate its 70th anniversary with an even bigger milestone

How do you know you've made it?

For humble enterprises, having your work supported by powers greater than yours is more than a feel-good pat in the back. When that validation occurs on an international stage, it can pivot you to a new earmark of success. To those that have been in the game for far longer, the act of remaining relevant can feel like a magic trick — deceptively effortless on the surface, heavily labored behind curtains. From that crowd arose a name that tears itself, repeatedly, from the status quo: Longchamp.

Sold out collaborations with Jeremy Scott and Shayne Oliver, merely bookmarks. Birthing future icons while updating existing classics, all in a day's work. Seventy years into business, the French house is ready for a second first impression. Having quietly expand its ready-to-wear offerings over the last few years (it has conducted private staff- and buyers-only runway shows for several seasons now) Longchamp is gearing for a bigger audience. 8 September 2018 will mark Longchamp's full-scale runway debut.

To be staged at New York Fashion Week, the shebang is a neat conclusion (commencement? continuation?) to its ties with its cross-Atlantic neighbour. Longchamp's American expansion this year alone has seen the opening of a Fifth Avenue flagship, aforementioned collaborations with Scott and Oliver, and the launch of a campaign featuring new ambassador, Kendall Jenner — see above.

"We felt that this was the right time to take things to the next level and to set out our vision of the dynamic, cosmopolitan Longchamp woman," said Sophie Delafontaine, Creative Director of Longchamp. Elaborating on its roots in New York, Delafontaine stated, "Longchamp has always acted on intuition — something we can allow ourselves to do because we are independent — and we chose New York as we are inspired by the energy and freedom of the city." 

While a window is being opened across the pond, Longchamp looks to proverbially closing a door back home. Alongside the NYFW headline, Longchamp's 70th anniversary party at Opéra Garnier will reminisce, and celebrate, the brand's longstanding dedication to luxury and savoir-faire.

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