Loewe's summer is painted in technicolour with the help of Paula's mythical sea creatures and circus performers

Long live Ibiza

Text: Andrea Sim

Jonathan Anderson returns to the Balearic islands for second helpings, in collaboration with Paula's Ibiza

Loewe's wunderkind is not done romanticising Ibiza just yet. Though aged just 26, it's not the bottle popping and glorious beats of today's party destination that seduces him. It's the Ibiza of the '70s. Paula's Ibiza; a boutique on the island which, in the last three decades of the 20th century accrued such fabled golden days that it still colours a vibrant legacy today. For some, it's a curiosity as to how a store managed to single-handedly galvanise the bohemian way of life in its region. For Jonathan Anderson, it's reliving a boyhood memory. But at the same time cross-pollinating culture and turning out the achingly beautiful yet irreverent, for Loewe. 

Like the first Paula's Ibiza collection, the boutique's maximalist spirit is unleashed through archival prints: a motley crew of mermaids, hummingbirds, beach flags, starfish, seahorse and circus performers inhabit the garments and accessories. As seen above, Anderson's skilled patchworking comes to the fore on sun dresses, denim jackets and hoodies, while fringing and sequined patches lend themselves as collection tropes. 

Accessories take shape in Loewe mainstays the Hammock, Puzzle and the Elephant bag, along with wallets, bag charms, bucket hats, beach towels, basket bags and espadrilles casting the mood for an Ibizan summer by way of Paula and Anderson.

Browse below.

Available at Casa Loewe at The Paragon from 10 May.


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