Liudmila: Footwear of dreams and fantasies

Sugar, spice and everything nice

Liudmila: Footwear of dreams and fantasies
Designed for a realm of make-belief characters, Liudmila shoes are the stuff of fairytales

Founded by designer Najeeba Hayat, whom in the midst of dissecting Fyodor Sologub's The Pretty Demon during a Russian literature lecture in university, knew that she was on the wrong path. Frequently sketching shoes throughout her tertiary education, the moniker of her footwear label pays homage to the novel's intoxicating protagonist, Liudmila Rutilova.

Najeeba Hayat

A creative writer and a dreamer, Hayat often designed shoes for the characters of her fictional stories. Farfetched, out of this world and all a little bit gaga, there were no rules with storytelling — just unbridled whims and fancies. Fresh out of school, Milan was her next stop. Learning the craft of shoemaking was the first step in transforming dreams into reality, and Liudmila came to life in 2013. 

This spring/summer 2016, the princes of India lost in a heady cloud of indulgence manifests in sugary pastels and sprinkles of decadent plumes. Imagine the fleeting yet magical cotton candy hues of an Indian sunset, saturated with rich jewel detailing for a mystical air of opulence. Hayat concocts a rousing narrative every season, painting a new, fantastical dream into reality, by way of craftsmanship in Italy.

This season sees seductive, gilded lace-up tassels and sleek satin, pared-back by the childlike quality of softs shades and whimsical embroidery. Never thought that shoes like that existed off the pages of
Grimms' Fairy Tales? Think again:  

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Text: Andrea Sim

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