The most important lessons the Buro fashion team learnt in 2017

The most important lessons the Buro fashion team learnt in 2017

Honestly though...

Text: Buro. Singapore

From being comfortable in your skin at fashion week to smarter spending, here's how we're going into the new year a little wiser

The tail end of the year is prime time to count your eggs that have hatched, but looking back and learning from missteps are key in setting yourself up for a better path ahead. While we won't be doling out advice on how to finally get the job — or man — you may want in new year, there's much to be said about our fashion blunders that'll hopefully be our mistakes and your lessons learnt. Here's toasting to fewer style insecurities and buying regrets come 2018.

"As a freshly minted editor from humble backgrounds making her first trip to fashion week, I felt the pressure to blow my pay checks and risk starvation to dress to impress. I thought: How else was I going to look credible next to the likes of Susanna Lau and Tamu McPherson, or stand out in a sea of OTT OOTDs? When I finally arrived in Milan, I realised it didn't matter that I wasn't carrying the latest J.W.Anderson or walking in the latest Gucci. I may not have gotten street style snapped; then again, neither did Tim Blanks nor Cathy Horyn — the people whose work I worshipped. I watched the shows in my favourite suit from Zara with a last-season Moschino I scoured from DMAG by my side and I've never felt more like myself. That's what style should do: It should make you look fantastic, but more importantly, you should never lose yourself in it." — Jolene Khor, fashion editor 




"It sounds so cliché to say invest in ready-to-wear classics when prices are being slashed, but the short-term nature of trendy clothing doesn't lend itself well to smart buying. Think about it: Scoring the Gucci collab T-shirt you've been coveting — but, not enough to pay full dime for during the four months since its release — on half price probably means you won't be wearing it for long after. Why? Because time is ticking on its sartorial life, and you're already late to the game. In 2017, I made sure to evaluate the wear I got out of all my sale purchases made over the years — having been given this bit of advice by a veteran buyer for an e-tailer. I then realised it was a singular 100% wool Balenciaga top coat that proved longevity in my wardrobe." — Andrea Sim, fashion writer 




"I learnt that wearing all the hype brands at once doesn't make you cool, it makes you an insufferable fashion victim. Damn it. So I'm following Tommy Ton's advice: Hunt down vintage pieces or only wear your new hype purchases the next season; things always look better when styled out of season anyway." — Norman Tan, editor-in-chief