Knitwear that's actually flattering: Diesel, Jacquemus, Zimmermann, and more

Knitwear that's actually flattering: Diesel, Jacquemus, Zimmermann, and more

Sexy, even

Text: Heather Gwyther

Image: Unsplash

Unless you have something to prove, and choose to do so sartorially, lockdown tends to be characterised by knitwear. At first, this was one of the more novel elements of being placed in sudden quarantine. How nice it is to be living each day in total physical comfort, you think. But, sooner or later, you may realise that shapeless jumpers and their associates can actually be a shortcut to an identity crisis. You used to be someone who really lived life, and whatever your life is currently just doesn't compare to it. Now, no one pivots as you enter a room. The only strangers to flirt with might as well be pixelated. You are constantly and inescapably bored. Aside from waking up to find that this was all a dream, there is another solution: sexy knitwear.

Before you make assumptions, we are not referring to anything that resembles a knitted penis pouch here. Or those problematic pussyhats that were a mainstay of the 2017 Women's March. They are not sexy. Furthermore, this is sexy as an attitude rather than an aesthetic — feeling sexy as opposed to performing it. Cleavage can be covered. Shoulders do not have to be bare. For some of us, the slit in Eudon Choi's asymmetric jumper will provide enough of a buzz. Or, simpler still, the close fit of BITE's organic cotton and silk sweater.

For others, subtlety will not suffice. They need Regina George cutouts in their knitwear for it to feel sexy, or else there's no point. To that end, they flash their collarbones in Jonathan Simkhai and display their decolletage in Diesel. Failing that, they crave all that is cropped. Whether it comes from Monki or Jacquemus, there's no piece of sexy knitwear like it.

This article was first published in Buro. London.