Felts for fall: Janessa Leoné hats

Season update

Felts for fall: Janessa Leoné hats
As handsome as your hand-woven straw panamas may be, the fall season calls for cozy felts in deep tones for stylish and practical intentions

Although we do love a good sand-hued straw topper to elevate our summer best, it's time we faced the fact that our headwear is in need of a fall update. This calls for something weightier, and preferably in darker hues. 

Enter Los Angeles-based millinery Janessa Leoné, an eponymous label known for its classic yet modern designs. Inspired by the designer's vintage hat finds in Paris and the discovery that fine headwear dials up the confidence, the brand has since come a long way from its organic beginnings. These hats are now handsome toppers frequently seen on Jessica Alba, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and our very own #StyleCrush, Erica Choi.

Their freshly dropped FW15 selection introduces new materials to the mix — gold, silver and gunmetal bands instead of classic leather encircle the crown. A much welcomed contemporary update that enlivens the season's inky hues. What we recommend is to pair the forest green Emery with bordeaux knitwear for an interesting play on colours. And, score bonus points by mastering the Neal Caffrey hat flip and putting it on with a flourish — it's all about that new found confidence.

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Text: Andrea Sim

  • Image:
    Janessa Leoné | @janessaleone
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