It’s Taurus Season — an ode to the most practical and stubborn member of the zodiac

It’s Taurus Season — an ode to the most practical and stubborn member of the zodiac

20 April – 20 May

Text: Karelle Ng

Don't we all like to see something relatable? Astrology is so exciting to read for just that — you find yourself in someone else's story (and we're all a little self-obsessed). Some people have the notion that astrology is generic and not to trust, but where's the fun in that? In our new column I Saw The Sign, let's keep an open mind and discuss the signs. Oh and, did you know that Megan Fox and Audrey Hepburn are Taureans?

Ambitious. Hardworking, yet she doesn't skim when it comes to relaxing and enjoying the finer things. We all have that one friend and now you know she's definitely a Taurus. Represented by the Bull symbol, they are notorious for being stubborn and standing their ground. This can work in or against your favor; whether or not you're behind the red cape. If you aren't, you'll know they're highly appreciative and loving people.

Taurus being an earth sign is naturally grounded by the earth. Pleasure is a necessity and they are extremely indulgent, with a need to overwhelm their physical senses and be pampered. This somehow translates into a very attentive personality since they understand the need to unburden oneself and be free. The next time you need someone to confide in, remember Taureans are great listeners.

If there's one last thing you need to know, Taureans are positive and great forces to have around. They are stable and confident, knowing what they want and never deviating from it. Surely, you'll rub off some of these useful qualities and energy. And if you still want to learn more about a Taurus, below you'll find some items we think Taureans would love (and their aesthetic).