It’s Gemini Season — here’s to always being wild and free

It’s Gemini Season — here’s to always being wild and free

21 May – 20 June

Text: Karelle Ng

Don't we all like to see something relatable? Astrology is so exciting to read for just that — you find yourself in someone else's story (and we're all a little self-obsessed). Some people have the notion that astrology is generic and not to trust, but where's the fun in that? In our new column I Saw The Sign, let's keep an open mind and discuss the signs.

Like the forward-thinking Gemini, it's time for us to move over to the realm of imagination, intelligence, and mystery. Naming upon two of the most iconic female Geminis Marilyn Monroe and Angelina Jolie this week we are moving all of our attention to this air sign.

Receiving energy in spurts, a Gemini can be riding the rollercoaster of life and soaring high for one second, and plunging into lows the next. Their emotions tend to snowball quickly, just pick a Gemini friend and think of your times together, you'll see what we mean! As the inability to focus becomes a direct effect of the trait, they'll need some control. But the chances of succeeding in life is also very likely since they are highly intelligent.

The first air element of the zodiac sign, they are connected to the third house of communication and wits with a mutable quality. In simple terms, they got the right end of the stick and have a God-sent ability to connect with people. We know, how lucky. They make great friends and love being involved in your matters and wanting to share theirs. Though remember, they can be flaky and constantly need change. They may disappear for a long time to explore, but eventually they'll come back and with interesting stories and great advice.

As a Gemini can get restless from constantly being so active, they may also bail on you often since they are so indecisive. Most of the time, they are not chosing to intentionally be mean but they can be rather irresponsible. And though these are their common traits, you can't really pinpoint a Gemini as their traits vary greatly compared to other signs. Such is the duality of being a Gemini. But we'll let you in on one telltale they're very fashionable. Here's what they might like if you're shopping for a treasured Gemini in your life.