It's Cancer Season — Gaining perspective on the standoffish sign

It's Cancer Season — Gaining perspective on the standoffish sign

21 June – 22 July

Text: Karelle Ng

Don't we all like to see something relatable? Astrology is so exciting to read for just that – you find yourself in someone else's story (and we're all a little self-obsessed). Some people have the notion that astrology is generic and not to trust, but where's the fun in that? In our column I Saw The Sign, let's keep an open mind and discuss the signs.

Previously, we talked about the Gemini and Taurus, now it's time for Cancer and it is going to be epic. Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Sofia Vergara, and Princess Diana? You already know what's in store.

Emotional and sensitive, a Cancer is most comfortable in small groups of people having deep, intellectual conversations. Though to be in that group would be a challenge, since you have to get past their hard external shells built to reject any small talk trying to get to know them. This crab sign can be well, quite crabby at times particularly because they're highly intuitive. This means that they pick up on your emotional changes easily and can tell when you're being ingenuine.

But take the time. It is absolutely worth having a Cancer in your life as they are fiercely loyal and committed to their loved ones. A nurturer and caretaker, they are always ready to back you up and protect you at all cost. They're all about home and safe spaces, creating these spaces as they go and taking you with them. If you want to be part of this, just know – be honest, no mind games here – that's the way to a Cancer's heart.

And they will never let you go. No matter who or what, they are extremely sentimental beings and attach feelings to everyone (and everything) who has close contact with them. Count on it that they'll remember your birthday and every little detail about you like no other. Here are the fashion pieces we think they might like; it's time for you to notice the little things about them – like knit or chiffon? We think whatever's edgier.