Watch: The history behind Chanel's Camellia, as told by the flower


Text: Bianca Husodo

Chapter 16 of the Inside Chanel series sheds the limelight on Coco's favourite bloom

Since the Inside Chanel's first chapter flipped its pages open in October 2012, 15 successors have followed suit. The bite-sized chronicles tell the origin tale of Chanel's extolled delicacies: From the classic No. 5 fragrance to the famed boxy tweed jacket. In essence, the short films play an insider's eye to the archival facts of the storied house.

This time, Chapter 16 unfolds the amour between Coco Chanel and the white camellia, or more fondly known as the Chanel flower. Told from the flower's perspective, it was love at first sight when 13-year-old Gabrielle watched Sarah Bernhardt's Lady of the Camellias performance — and what a romance it soon blossomed to be. Read no more, and watch the becoming of the Chanel emblem above.

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