Grey and fabulous: 10 geriatric fashion influencers who will change the way you look at age

Grey and fabulous: 10 geriatric fashion influencers who will change the way you look at age

Old, not obsolete

Text: Jolene Khor

Whoever said age is a number is lying. It's more than just a number. So, so much more

There is a lot of blame to go around: at Hollywood, at the media, at fashion and beauty industries. No one can escape culpability in the tiresome perpetuation of impossible standards of beauty. Not even our parents, our parents' parents. Certainly not men. Nor ourselves. The expectation of women to defy gravity by freezing in time when we hit the "prime" age bracket of 20 to 25 (via what we like to call the Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriend cryotherapy) is omnipresent. It is an aggressive cancer, its gene capable of being passed down from generation to generation. 

How lucky are we then to live in transitional times, when the tide is a-changing. Similar to how TV shows such as the rebooted Queer Eye are challenging antiquated (read: toxic) notions of masculinity, a new breed of fashion influencers of Instagram and real life fame are nipping and tucking the face of beauty. They have wrinkles, but they wouldn't wish them away — on Photoshop or by the doctors. Their greys may be playing peek-a-boo, but a trip to the salon won't be necessary. Youth has gone, but it left behind an impenetrable sense of style, one that blossomed with maturity, enabling them to dress (in Miu Mius and Margielas no less) their younger models under the table.

Below, we present to you our favourite social media influencers, none below 60 kicking fashion — and ageism — in the ass. This is advanced style, alright.

1. MAYE MUSK, dietitian, model, CoverGirl spokesperson and and mother to Elon Musk



2. GRECE GHANEM, Montreal-based personal trainer



3. DAPHNE SELFE, the world's oldest supermodel at the age of 89



4. LINDA RODIN, founder of beauty brand Rodin



5. LYN SLATER, PhD holder, clinical associate professor, blogger and accidental icon



6. JAN DE VILLENEUVE, full-time model



7. COLLEEN HEIDEMANN, owner of Re-Deux consignment store in California, USA



8. TZIPORAH SALAMON, author, fashion consultant, and muse of the late Bill Cunningham



9. CYNTHIA PASTOR, interior designer



10. BEATRIX OST, artist, film producer and writer