How to speak Korean: 10 phrases to ensure your Seoul Fashion Week survival

How to speak Korean: 10 phrases to ensure your Seoul Fashion Week survival

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Your go-to Korean phrase cheat sheet — plus the subtle art of not giving a f*ck — for Seoul Fashion Week

Being lost in translation isn't quite the adventure its namesake film makes it out to be. Any seasoned traveller will tell you that "excusez-moi" parts the crowd in France like Moses did the Red Sea, while "excuse me" falls on deaf ears. After all, it is simple courtesy to do as the Romans do.

For the fashionphile heading to the upcoming Seoul Fashion Week to check out the newest duds its designers have to offer, here are 10 need-to-know phrases in Korean that'll get you through the week. Read: Arriving at your location in time, scoring a selfie with celebrities in attendance, and nailing the order for your caffeine fix. 

Pro tip: Can't replicate the linguistic acrobatics needed to enuniciate the Korean phrases below? Just open this story on your phone and play the relevant phrase when needed.  

1. Getting to your destination
"I'm headed to Dongdaemun Design Plaza." 

2. Finding out which K-celeb has just arrived
"Who is that? Why are there bodyguards ar0und him/her?"

3. Requesting for a selfie
"Can I take a photo with you?"

4. Syncing up schedules
"What shows are you going for today?"

Seoul Fashion Week FW17

5. Reclaiming a stolen seat at the shows
"Why are you in my seat?"

6. Complimenting stylish cats
"I love that. Where is it from?"

7. Searching for a show location
"Excuse me, how do you get to Hall 1?"

8. Serving up shade
"If you're not seated in the first two rows, you don't matter," or "Wearing all the hype brands at once doesn't make you cool, it makes you a fashion victim."

Seoul fashion week street style

9. Dealing with confusion
"Aren't you cold? Your ass is practically White Walker!"

10. Ordering coffee
"May I please have a skinny latte, STAT."

Voice recordings courtesy of SEJONG Korean Language School. Find out more about their language courses.

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