How to DIY your own face mask with existing things already in your closet

How to DIY your own face mask with existing things already in your closet

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Text: Cheryl Chan

Ever since fashion influencer Arielle Charnas invoked a huge public outcry when she documented her entire coronavirus journey online, shots have been fired on the internet are influencers useful in a pandemic? While there are some that are downright idiots and practically public health nuisances (remember the #coronaviruschallenge influencer who sparked a trend of licking toilet seats?), there are some who are keen to use their influence for good.

New York based fashion illustrator and designer Jenny Walton has been spending her quarantine sewing cottons masks at home to donate to the less fortunate since late March. But it was a recent selfie she posted of herself wearing a pale pink silk face mask with a discreet Prada logo that made us do a double take. At one glance, one might assume the luxury house had started manufacturing their own branded face masks. But as Walton described in the caption, it was a creation she had hand-stitched using a dust bag, ribbons and a pattern she had printed off the CDC website. The mask was fully functional, and even had an opening to fit in different type of filters.

And if you don't have the available sewing tools, or are just feeling too lazy (it's ok, it's not a productivity contest!), style influencer Brittany Xavier uploaded an uncomplicated how-to video on Instagram that utilises only two elastic bands and a scarf of your choice. Unlike building an Ikea shelf, the process is jarringly simple and only requires three easy steps that can be done in minutes. Now this is one DIY project we can get behind. But, if you still rather get yours ready-made, click here for some of the most stylish ones we've found on the internet.

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