5 gift ideas for the most influential women in your life

5 gift ideas for the most influential women in your life

How do you give?

Text: Jolene Khor

Behind every successful woman is herself. By her side, a family of females who dote on her. Females like you

As poetic as we would like to be about the art of gifting, the guilt of consumerism can hang like a little cloud over our heads, casting a shadow over us from shopping avenues to under the mistletoe, permeating even the chirpiest and most persistently festive of tunes. 

Therein lies the curse of the informed shopper: The more you know fashion, its pendulum, trends and footprints, the more responsible you feel about every swipe on the Visa. Is this a good buy? Am I making an investment, or am I making a mistake? 

For the conscious buyer, Hermès quells the internal battle, bridging the gap between ethics and extravagance. It's more than knowing you're getting what you're paying for. It's seeing your gift, whatever you choose for the women in your life this Christmas, stand the test of time alongside them and be a part of their amazing stories. It's believing that the value and meaning of the product is beyond what is intrinsic. The right present evolves — it blooms with age and ages with love, its beauty shared with the person many times over.

Our Hermès gift guide is step one.

For mom, the one and only
She held you together your entire life, so it's only fitting you return the favour — for real and symbolically with a classic safety pin brooch.

Hermès Chaîne D'ancre Punk fringe brooch in rose gold and diamonds

For the practical grandmother
It's this generation's job to keep nan's warm fuzzy feels eternal. The gloves are a good start. Next, bake her a cake.

Hermès gloves in glazed lambskin

For the dynamic sister
Celebrate all that is unique about her. Give her strength to chart her own course. Encourage her passions regardless of where they make take her. Pun intended.

Hermès skateboard in cavalcadour printed vosges maple

For the unwavering best friend
Growing out of your BFF necklaces is inevitable. Growing out of your friendship doesn't have to be. Some love multiply as the years go by.

Hermès Brides De Gala Love Twilly in silk twill

For the indelible mentor
A scent has the ability to evoke many memories. Wouldn't it be lovely to remind the person who's helped shape your character the feminine power she's inspired in you via the Twilly D'Hermès?

Hermès Twilly D'Hermès fragrance

Shop all Hermès Christmas gifts in stores at #01-02A Liat Towers, #01-12 Scotts Square and #B1-41 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.